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‘Omni’: it’s a word that we’ve become familiar with in retail over the past few years Omnipresent, Omnicustomer, Omnichannel – the list goes on.

By now, the majority of retailers understand the concept of omnichannel. In a world where consumers are connected almost all of the time through an increasingly sophisticated range of mobile devices, there’s an expectation that information on products can be found in all channels. And it’s not only about researching products through any channel: consumers want to be able to purchase too.

Which brings us on to omnicommerce. This may not seem too different to allowing consumers to purchase in any channel. But the key to omnicommerce is the flexibility and choice consumers expect in the purchase itself. Want to buy online but collect in-store rather than arrange delivery at home? That shouldn’t be an issue. Need to pause a purchase on mobile on the move and pick it up again later on another device? No problem. Choice and flexibility are essential.

So while omnichannel and omnicommerce focus on the demands placed on the retailer, why not turn things around and take the consumer’s perspective? Enter the omnicustomer.

The omnicustomer expects a retailer to know them, understand them and continually learn about them (Tweet this). In many ways, technology allows us to return to some traditional retailing values. When a local shopkeeper’s customers lived within a stone’s throw of their shop, they knew them well enough to understand their preferences and advise on what they might be interested in before they know.

Technology has become sophisticated enough to allow retailers to make every customer a local customer. But our research tells us that only one-in-10 retailers are ready to serve the omnicustomer. That needs to change. (Tweet this)

You can explore more about the omnicustomer, view our research and see how retailers such as Galeries Lafayette and eBay are meeting their needs here.

What are your thoughts on this topic? I would love to hear your feedback, please post your comments in the box below or send me a Tweet @joergkoesters