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What do Audrey Hepburn & Angelina Jolie have in common? Like millions of women, a love of Italian shoes. Learn how Ferragamo and other SAP customers keep their customers coming back.

Luxury brands have an extremely loyal following. Add star power from a celebrity wearing a brand and the brand’s reach becomes exponentially more powerful. With this global fan base comes demand from the far reaches of the globe. As the McKinsey Report “The glittering power of cities for luxury growth” states, “The global economy is experiencing an unprecedented shift toward emerging-market cities.”

One example of a growing luxury goods maker is Salvatore Ferragamo. A rich tradition from the 1920s as shoemaker to the stars, Ferragamo is still a leading brand with celebrities and is made in Italy. In recent years, Ferragamo has seen increasing demand for its products. In Asia, they opened new stores and experienced double-digit growth.

In order to maintain their brand and keep pace with demand, Ferragamo had to find a balance between quality and quantity. They were challenged to maintain the high quality their brand is known for and produce increasing large quantities of their products. At the core of their business is
the quest for continuous improvement:

“We need to continue to surprise” and delight them, states Chairman Ferruccio Ferragamo. “The product is an

instrument to doing business but the customer must have the desire to come back to us…after enjoying the shoes.”

Business IT matters had to be addressed to support their growth. The most important functionality was the capability to have complete insight into the merchandising solution – from better leather sourcing to informing sales associates of geographic availability for sizes & styles. This functionality is fundamental to better serving the customer.

To make this possible, they needed to standardize on one platform across all regions. This is key to:

  • Achieve integration, which was lacking in the home grown systems
  • Gain full control of processes
  • Capabilities for complete insight into the merchandising solution

Watch our video to learn more about the tradition of Ferragamo, their outlook for the future and how they use the SAP HANA platform to simplify business processes. Learn more about this topic and our customers at the SAPPHIRE and ASUG Annual Conference, May 5-7 in Orlando, FL. Make sure to visit our experts in the Retail campus on the show floor!

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