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As a part of the “Platform Innovation Series for SAP Partners” presented by SAP PartnerEdge at this year’s SAP TechEd && d-code 2014 Las Vegas , the SAP Co-Innovation Lab is thrilled to co-host a most informative session dedicated to exploring creative SAP HANA Solutions with Geo-spatial and Graphing.

Enough time has elapsed since its introduction for most attendees to know SAP HANA supports text analysis, quantitative analytic methods, geospatial processing, property graph-semantic processing and event stream processing against a single data set, (no movement of data) for complex, multi-function applications. What remains is the challenge of how technologists learn to readily apply this capability to address their biggest business challenges and to help companies capture more useful insight into the business.

This half day workshop, guided by members of the SAP NS2 Dev team (and partners) is designed to help and encourage data analytics developers and implementers to discover, how to leverage the deeper capabilities of the SAP HANA platform and how to establish an architecture, that can serve multiple big data needs versus building something new for every problem encountered.

SAP NS2 CTO David Korn and members of his team will lead the sessions and additional content from participating SAP NS2 COIL project partners Luciad and SGI will be shared. This portion of the content will provide some insight into scale up hardware configurations and visualization options for deployment.

The team will begin with a short introduction into the topic and project to set the stage for discussing creative SAP HANA solutions featuring geospatial and graphing. The agenda will present and explore GSS, IAV and Semantic analysis using Property Graphs. Rich content will be offered with each of these topics.

Some Insight-
Consider the topic of Immersive Analysis and Visualization (IAV)tm. To offer  some glimpse into one of the SAP NS2 COIL projects  will demonstrate to you that the team’s efforts to include it as part of its data fusion solution set.  This team views it as useful to enhance the capability in decision making (both organizational and individual). To do so means to deliver increased processing performance, “smart data integration” of data resident in multiple places in the enterprise, and automated tradecraft capabilities with real-time examination and correlation of past to present conditions and events.

SAP NS2’s IAV Engineered Solution consists of three major components which is certain to be discussed  to some degree during this segment of the material: These are:

- the SAP HANA real-time data platform
- an integrated geobase, and
- a user interface implemented using the Lightspeedtm
tool from Luciad Inc.

The SAP Real Time Data Platform (RTDP) contains the Geobase and performs all of the geospatial functions including real time clustering, as well Natural Language Processing unstructured text analysis (entity recognition, identification and extraction). The high speed, in-memory processing of the SAP HANA platform allows real-time association of the extracted entities with the processed events.

At the heart of the IAV Engineered Solution is a map-engine neutral, memory resident geobase which integrates physical geography elements, human geography elements and armed conflict events that are not constrained by country. It is global. This geobase can be integrated with any external map engine such as ESRI, Google Earth, Nokia or custom developed application.

Hopefully this gives you a small flavor for the sorts of technologies and methods this team works with. The content is largely predicated upon all of the SAP NS2 COIL project work to date so I can already predict that the half day will go by quickly and questions will surface as to when we can host another session.

A Foundation of Important Work-

SAP NS2 has been active in COIL since SAP TechEd 2012 where the team first took up residence at COIL Palo Alto and where it has worked with partners like Critigen,
Encryptics, Cisco Systems to build and validate its big Data Fusion architecture optimized to fully engage the SAP HANA Geo-spatial and Graphing engines. You can link back to previous blogs on the project work to learn more. The session in Las Vegas will draw from this foundation work along with the newest project work to date.

Demanding data analytics requirements has driven the development of an exceptional architecture that will not only meet and exceed the demands of multiple government agencies and communities but additionally represents a real time data platform that can serve many similar challenges in private sector industries; particularly highly regulated industries like Health Care and Utilities. Geo-spatial intelligence factors in multiple markets like Oil and Gas, Mining, transportation and logistics, even retail.

From sharing this knowledge and responding to attendee questions as it relates to broader applications, we think the take away knowledge is very real. Maybe there’s a brand new COIL project out there waiting to happen triggered simply from what gets learned and shared during sessions like these.

Our hope is that from hearing from this team firsthand about its project work, its expertise, how tos, problem solving techniques and lessons learned, we can help those attending to understand how this same architecture and set of capabilities can be used by others facing similar big data challenges.

There are still slots open to attend so if this topic is of value to you, we encourage you to sign up now. Send me an email me if this event is for you and you'd like to get an invitation sent to you.

With your RSVP to the invite, you can pick up your registration materials the morning of Oct 20 (Monday) and then come down to the Platform Innovation Series for SAP Partners where lunch and sessions will start.

UPDATE: Content from the session is now available.