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PO Commitment Reversing after 102 Mov Type

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Dear All,

Please suggest a wayout for the below issue.


When we are reversing Goods Receipt with 102 Movement Type, system reversing the total commitment created at the time of PO


The illustrated Example will give the complete information about the scenario and issue which i am facing.

Step1: Assignment of Budget

Fund Center : 12345

Commitment Item: CITEM

Budget Amount: 50000

Note: I've Used the Symbol " | " to differciate the Values as Space is not showing in the posted Message

Step2: Material PO Created with Special Procurement Type Q

For Ex: Material | Qty | PO Value | Commitment Created (Budget Consumed in RS)

ABC | 10 | 10000 | 10000

Step3: when i see the FMB_PT01 report after PO Creation.

Budget | Bud-Pay | Invoice | Bud-INV | Open Item | Res Budget

50000 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 10000 | 40000

Step3: Goods Received against the above PO is 10 Qty for which Rs.10000 which is showing as follows in FMB_PT01

Budget | Bud-Pay | Invoice | Bud-INV | Open Item | Res Budget

50000 | 0 | 10000 | 10000 | 0 | 40000

Step4: If i reverse the above GR then system is deleting all the consumed amounts and showing as follows

Budget | Bud-Pay | Invoice | Bud-INV | Open Item | Res Budget

50000 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 50000

As far as my knowledge, if i reverse the GR, system should only reset the Values under Invoice & Bud-Inv and reassign the value under Open Item, which is not happening in our scenario.

I hope, you all understood the scenario & issue which i am trying explain.

So, please suggest me wht went wrong and how to rectify that..

Thanks in Advance to All.

Edited by: RAJA TALLURI on Nov 2, 2010 6:33 PM


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Hi, are you doing reverse in MIGO like Reverse document? Or like Posting with 102 mov. type?

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Dear Alex,

Thanks for the reply..

I am doing MIGO - Cancellation which will trigger the Movement Type 102..

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Hi, check

1. If history of PO updated after Cancellation.

2. try to run tcode FMN4N

3. in PO go to Environment-AC Commitment Documents-fm document and put it here

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Also check notes 664342,645345

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HI Alex,

1. Yes, in the PO (Purchase Order History) The Reversal has been updated.

2. I've checked AC Commitment Documents of PO, it is also updated and now there is no amounts.

3. I ran FMN4N - for the specified PO, but system is not showing any thing when i execute the Reconstruct.

Is there any config fault which is resulting this issue.

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What do you mean by 'I've checked AC Commitment Documents of PO, it is also updated and now there is no amounts.'?If it's also updated then there should be amount(after cancellation)

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Yes Alex...

You are right...

After the cancellation, when go back to PO and check Environment --> AC Commitment Document.

system showing PO Number & Qty & Value in Local Currency ( I presum this is the commit amount only for PO)

But when i check back the report FMB_PT01, there system showing Total 50000 as Residual Budget open for consumption.

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So if I understood then PO have value 10000 and in report FMB_PT01 you can't see PO's value. So in this case reflect wrong value, or 2.customizing not correct.

1. Check notes 1282074,960474.934521

2. Check 1, if not applicable then would think over

By the way, try double click on values in repost, may be there different in items report

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Dear Alex,

Thank you so much for the information

I've checked the note given by you, 1282074 this is only relevant for Amount type 0300 or it will rectify the error w.r.t amount type 0500 (Adjusted by Followon Document)

Actually, wht happening is say for example:

When i created the PO, in the report it will show amount type as 0100 (Original)

and when i created GR w.r.t the PO, system should show as follows.

At the PO 2 lines should be shown,,

1. with Amount Type 0100 &

2. line with Amount type 0500 which is not happening

in the place of amount type 0500 system showing 0200 (Reduction) which is wrong.

will the above specified note, solve this issue also or is there any other note .


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Hi, I think you'd to write a message to SAP support on