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One Grant Multiple Sponsors

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There is a new scenario at our client. There are three different sponsors who wants to sponsor a grant collectively, each of them contributing part of it. I know there is 1:1 relationship in Grant master of grant to sponsor but i would still like to know if there is any best practice for this scenario in GM-GTE.

Moreover there are some assets which are sponsored by multiple grants, i know we can use sub asset functionality to treat one asset sponsorship by multiple grants but is there any standard practice in SAP for it ?



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Hi Atif,

Yes the standard relationship between grants and sponsors is many to one. This is used to create SD documents for grant billing. You can create multiple sponsor programs within a grant (say one for each sponsor) and link each sponsor program to an internal order through GMDERIVE. You can then use manual billing for each sponsor but at least the budget will be identified by sponsor. Another issue is that there is only one external fund possible by grant. You can set up a multi-funded fund for this purpose.

As far as fixed assets go we typically use sub assets for multi-funded assets. The internal order and grant can be identified on the time-dependent tab.



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Hi Shyamal:

Thank you for your response. I need to know if there is any way to transfer balance between grant to grant . At the moment there is no such way to do so. Posting return in one grant and adding supplement is another option but that does not provide track of which grant transferred fund. This is becoming a common scenario at my client.