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Migrating Contract Object Facts with Emigall

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I have to migrate Contract Objects with Facts.

Is there a best practice for this? Mig.object PS_OBJ does not support this in standard form, nor have I found anything in published guidelines.

I am considering two options:

  1. adding a z automated structure to PS_OBJ for inserting directly into table DFACTS as it is described in chapter "5.2 Migrating Custom Tables Using an Existing Migration Object" ....might be risky?
  2. migrating it with z migration object and calling  BAPI_CTRACPSOBJECT_CHANGE ....might be slow?

Any opinion or suggestion is welcome.




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Dear Peter,

There is indeed not standard solution available at the moment.

As a workaround I suggest to add a PSOB_FACTS structure as of type SPSOB_FACTS_DI_T to the automation data structure FMCA_PS_OBJECT_AUTO and pass , with an additional modification, the data to the PSOB_DI_MAINTAIN function module (T_SPSOB_FACTS_DI STRUCTURE parameter).

If you don't want to modify neither the SAP automation data structure as well as the service function module, you need to copy the structure and service function module and create a new migration objection based on a copy of the PS_OBJECT standard migration object and changed reference to the custom autoamtion data structure and customer service function module. This shouldn't be too difficult to do. Alternativly, you may add the abovementioned structure as a custom structure to the migration object (here you need to use the structure SPSOB_FACTS_DI  as the Max. Input structure (don't forget to mark the Multiple flag); copy of the standard service function module to a customer function moudle and do the changes modification-free.

Kind regards,