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In transaction f871:"No company code group defined for company code 0001"

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Hello ,

about transaction F871, I introduce the company code and any other mandatory fields, but when I introduce in the field document type for expample the value ZP , it is displayed an error as follows: "No company code group defined for company code 0001"

Kinds Regards.



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Hi Olga,

I believe that my hints below will not solve your issue, but I will share with you what I know regarding it.

You can only group FI documents into one request if the following conditions are met:

- the documents are from the same company code and fiscal year

- the documents have the same document status

(for example P = Parked document)

- they are of the same document type or request category

- the documents have the status Complete

It is only possible to bundle FI-documents which at least have a customer/vendor item AND a G/L

account item.

Please check if your test matches with the conditions above.

At least it will help, I hope

Kind Regards,


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Hi Vanessa!!, thank you very much again!!,

the information is very useful for me for sure,

but I have found the customizing that I was looking for I suppose,

it is :

Public Sector Management/ Funds Management Government/Funds Management-Specific Postings/

Requests/Variants/Define Company Code Group

Thak you very much for your time.

Kinds Regards.