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Help - How to NOT follow a space???

Former Member
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Hello All,

This is driving me crazy. I need to unmark Public Sector as followed space. But I can not find any button or link that will let me remove it from the 'Spaces' tab in my profile. Please help. Many thanks.




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Hello everybody,

I have kind of the same problem,

I can't uncheck neither the Following nor the Stop Tracking options

I can check and uncheck correctly the Receive email notifications,

but I have unchecked that option and still receive emails.

I just want to stop receiving emails,  thank you.

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I just played a little trick. In my profile preferences, I switched 'Everything in My Communication Pages' off. Hopefully, this will stop the emails. Still, it is ridiculous not being able to remove followed places.

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Your trick works to stop emails,

thank you!