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Funds Mangement - Multiple Account Assignments in Stock procurement (PR/PO)

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In any unassigned Purchase requisition / Order ( purely stock procurement, not for an order, cost center etc.) it is understood that Fund center has to be entered manually if it were to consume budget. How can i assign multiple Fund centers for a single item of a PR/PO.

e.g. I am procuring 100 units of a material, of which 50 item should consume budget of Fund center1 and other 50 should consume budget of FC2.

In ME51N screen, multiple account assignment icon is disabled unless we give account assignment category other than blank. is there any enhancement / exit that can be used to make it available to assign multiple fund centers.

Thanks in advance



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Hi Chris,

You can split the PR/PO by using the new PSM functionality in ECC 6 <Rule-Based Account Assignment Distribution>. What you basically need to do is to create a rule in

IMG > Public Sector Management > Integration > Rule-Based Account Assignment Distribution > Maintain Field Profiles

to identify what field you want to split (in your case fund centre) and then use transaction FMSPLITMAINT to identify to what fund centre and by what % you want to split then go to SMSPDERIVE to create derivation rule (i.e. based on PO). There is a good link in the forum for this and I found it to be very useful.

Good luck