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Funded Program in ME21N with Account Assignment Category equal BLANK

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I am doing one ME21N (create purchase order) with Account Assignment Category equal BLANK " ". In u201Caccount assignmentu201D the system only allow to fill the fields u201Cfunds centeru201D, and the u201Ccommitment itemu201D but as the purchase is to INVESTMENT I need to fill the field FUNDED PROGRAM too. I haven´t internal order (CO) and project (wbs element) to do one derivation in this point of process (these objects will be create during the business process). I have already tried to use the fields of FMDERIVE´s trace but unfortunately any combination help me to define the Funded Program.




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Hi Claudio,

I dont know in which release you are but prior to EhP4, it was not possible to see the Funded Program in any of

the MM transactions. It is new in EhP4 to be able to view this field.

The following is from the Release Notes for EhP4 EA-PS (that all customers have access by service marketplace):

PSM_FM_CI_2: Funded Program as a Display Field (New)

Since the funded program is a derived function and is only available as a display field via the interface, you can select the Funded Program Visible checkbox to view it. If you select this field, the funded program is displayed on the screens for accounting documents and purchase order documents, as well as on the detail screens for earmarked funds.

Therefore, in case you are on EHP4, please activate the correct switch PSM_FM_CI_2 in transaction SFW5 and retest your issue. In addition, you should go into the following customizing:

SPRO customizing -> Public Sector Management -> General Settings for Public Sector Management -> Activate Account Assignment Elements ->

And for Funded Program that is activated you should mark the field "Funded Program Visible".

I hope this helps you.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Claudio,

I want also to share with you some information about Funded Programs.

Funded programs are used mainly as FM account assignment elements, in the same way as funds, funds centers, commitment items, and functional areas are. Budget can be entered for them and monitored in them.

You can enter the funded program directly in budgeting, but when you are using the funded program in integrated postings, it is not possible to enter the funded program directly. This is the system design.

The funded program uses much of the functionality of the Business Data Toolset (BDT). If you want to customize the funded program master data, you should be familiar with the BDT.

The use of funded program as part of FM account assignment for budgeting, can cause performance issues (posting and reports).

SAP recommends that:

a. Funded Program must be derived using rules specified in the FM derivation tool (FMDERIVE);

b. While you can use any operative element as the source for deriving funded programs, we strongly recommend that you use only WBS elements, orders, or networks.

For additional information, check SAP help in the following link:

For BDT information, check the following help:


Best Regards,