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FMAVC - 005 in Trx FMBB - Transfer

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We are migrating from FMFBS to FMBCS. When will the transaction FMBB and when the destination (fund center and commitem item) is negative the system is not sending the value total to be transferred. We believe that should be in the Budget traditional, ie, the total negative issue warning to be transferred.

In version FMFBS the system was sending the message of the amount to be transferred in total.

Sorry, my english is poor.


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This is standard: please, consult note 983853.



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Thanks Eli, is note has already been applied and solved the error budgetnegative. The problem now that the traditional budget, when execute a transfer of income cat (66) of the original module CO, system was sending the message of the value that we need to transfer via trx fr58 for the unpaid balance fical negative reports in the totals. With the BCS activated this is not happening in trx FMBB not send the message of value to be transferred not to get the negative balance.

sorry, my english is not better.