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Commitment item not picking while MIRO posting for Service entry sheet

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Hi to all,

We have activated Fund Management in middle of the year where there were purchase order completed to till MIGO. When we do MIRO now system unable to pick commitment item from FMDERIVE.

We have created Commitment item as 50/3 combination ( No budget check ) and assigned to GR/IR clearing account.

We also activated trace in FMDERIVE and checked MIRO posting and found that derivation is working properly but while posting it is triggering error.

Some one advise me as it affected daily activities.

Thanks & Regards,

Y.Kiran Babu


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Hi, in CI 30/3 should derive in miro. Also trace derivation and check why CI,FC are not derive. May be you forgot to set option Overwrite with new value in fmderive?

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Hi, in CI 30/3 should derive in miro. Also trace derivation and check why CI,FC are not derive. May be you forgot to set option Overwrite with new value in fmderive?

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For the purchase order completed and the related MIGO created before FM was implemented, you need to run FMCN and FMCT.

I will explain to you in detail all the information related to the matter.

First of all, it seems to be in your PO that does not have FM account assignment (funds center and commitment item) in account assignment TAB. In addition, the error occurs usually also because in your SES the FM account assignment is missing.

For GR and IR documents FM always takes the major part of the FM account assignment from the PO.

You can fill these account assignments by using the programs RFFMCHAN/RFFMCHAT.

FMCN/FMCT must be run for the first document in the chain, which is the PO in case you don't have a PR assigned to this PO or an earmarked fund document. If you have PR's assigned to the PO's please run FMCN/FMCT for the PR first.

When executing the FMCT transaction, ALL documents selected in one group must be tested and processed successfully TOGETHER. If any one document fails, the ENTIRE group is shown as in error.

Therefore, first step is to ensure that the reference PO has a valid FM account assignment and is updated in FM. This should be done by FMCN/FMCT and subsequent posting with FMN4N (see reconstruction note 189761).

The SES itself might not be changed by FMCT. Therefore you should fulfill the FM account assignments in SES manually or with a custom program.

Please check also your table FM01X. As an alternative solution, you can enable one of these flags in table FM01X, depending on your business needs:

FLG_PO_PROTECT if you want to always inherit the fm account assignment from the reference PO and therefore skip FMDERIVE

FLG_FMDERIVE_FORCE if you always want to force a call to fmderive in all cases

FLG_SES_OVERWRITE in services, if you wish to overwrite the account assignment from the SES with the derived values from FMDERIVE.

You can find more information about it in text part of notes 1146677 and 923672.

FMDERIVE is skipped for GR/IR lines and the Commitment item is inherited from the PO regardless of whether or not the GR/IR line is FM relevant. This is SAP standard behavior.

If you want to force the Commitment item to be derived from the GL account for the GR/IR line, you can use the FLG_FMDERIVE_FORCE flag as described in note 923672. This will allow FMDERIVE to be called for these lines. Please be sure to fully test this to ensure that FM account assignments that you do not want to be overwritten are not incorrectly derived.

Bear in mind that for PO´s that does not have account assignment you should run FMCN/FMCT + FMN4N. For this you would need to check the flags and which one is more related to your needs. With the appropriate flag marked in FM01X (active with X) you should be able to run the transactions without any issue.

Based on note 189761, after doing all the previous suggestions and the issue does not appear anymore, I suggest you to run the following programs:

1) FMN0 for this PO/GR to see if the actual values are correct in FM table FMIFIIT (FM actual line items).

2) Run report RFFMRC04 (transaction FMAF). The reconstruction programs always update the totals records in Funds Management. Therefore, you do not normally need to reconstruct the totals records. However, if you suspect there are data inconsistencies in the totals records, you can analyze and correct these using the report RFFMRC04 (transaction FMAF).

If you correct the totals records, you must do this before you reconstruct the assigned values (see below).

3) Run reconstruction for AVC

You can also reconstruct the assigned values using the following tools:

o Report BPINDX03 (transaction FMBV) for former budgeting

o Report RFFMAVC_REINIT (transaction FMAVCREINIT) for the Budget

Control System (BCS)

Make sure that no other system activities (postings, budgeting) are carried out during a reconstruction (commitment/actual or assigned values).

I believe that this resolve your inquiry.

Best Regards,


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Hi,as far as I understood there is no MIGO entry, if so the steps could be easier, am I right?

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Hi Vanessa,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I have executed subsequest postings even though problem does not resolved.

when I execute susbsequest posting for MIGO document, system not accepting to update FM object in GR/IR clearing account because of Commitment item category 50/3.

Could some one guide me how to resolve this issue as it was affecting business operations.

Thanks in advance.

Kiran Babu.

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No MIGO here that is service entry sheet.

Thanks & Regads,

Kiran Babu

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Hi,actually while posting MIGO system copy CI to GR/IR account from off-setting account.

What's the error during MIRO? Did you put option Overwrite with new value in FMDERIVE?

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Hi Kiran,

You have not mentioned the error message number but I suppose it is error message FI149, please confirm it.

Please kindly have a look at the Consulting Note 1466979. Generally, the financial transaction associated to the commitment

item linked to the GR/IR clearing account should be 40.

You can check the financial transaction from one commitment item in it master data (transaction FMCIA).

Please review the derived commitment items at runtime, when executing MIGO. With the help of note 666322 you can enable the trace tool and see the log. Then, make sure that you are combining valid commitment items with financial transactions associated.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,


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Hi Vanessa

I am facing a problem during SES. Though FM acct derivation is working fine (as I expect it to), transaction stops with following error:

"Goods receipt for purchase order" is not allowed

(FM 1120 / MAINTBUD / / 2013)

Further in the detailed error screen, it informs as:

"Goods receipt for purchase order" is not allowed (FM 1120 / MAINTBUD / / 2013)

Message BS007


The current status of objject (FM 1120 / MAINTBUD / / 2013) prohibits business transaction "Goods receipt for purchase order".


To process business transaction "Goods receipt for purchase order", you first have to change the status of object "FM 1120 / MAINTBUD / / 2013" to allow the transaction "Goods receipt for purchase order"

We are not using Fund in FM.

I shall be extremely grateful to get a lead on solving this issue.

Best regards,