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Carry over residual budget (FMMPCOVR) - accumulate budget per fin.positon.

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We usually transfer the budget from year to year with our own program based on BAPI_0050_CREATE. The budgeting is usually based on just one root fin.pos , say GIVEOUTBUDGET.

In some cases the budget was distributed one step lower : sow for FEES, TRAVEL, MATHERIAL...

I was trying to use the standard TA FMMPCOVR.

This transaction transfer the whole amount of budget per fin. pos in the next year and books down all bills amounts per lowest fin.pos. bookable (-). So it looks very strange, because the budget issue has to many positions. Even if I create a derivation , which points all lowest bookable positons to their roots (12345>>FEES, 12346>>FEES, etc. ) the transaction creates many lines with a fin. pos. FEES. I would like a cumulative booking per roots fin. pos.

2007 2008

budget FEES 10000 budget FEES 10000

bill 12345 2000 budget FEES -2000

bill 12346 1000 budget FEES -1000


7000 7000

Did smbd. solve this problem ?

Kind regards



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You can create your own key figures (FMKFDEF) and define what the residual budget should be for carry forward.

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We use the standard key figure YE_RESIDUAL, I was looking on its structure and definition and coudn't find out how could I point on the root fin.pos. The documentation on key figures is very poor, do You have some idea where could I read about it more

Kind rerads


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I've a small document in this regard. You can download it below. I will remove it from the site in 24hrs.



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Thanx a lot for this usefull document. Unfortunately this does't solve my problem - it is not possible to aggregate values (&) by carrying over the residual budget. Trying to create the key figure with this tag generates an error on save.

Kind regards