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Books for FICA/ PSCD?

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Hi there,

            I am new to FICA ( or to SAP as a whole in fact) . I have been reading a lot of material regarding FICA and PSCD, but without a proper structure. I have been looking for a book to use as a guide but I haven't found anything. I checked and the majority talks just about FI leaving just 10 pages to FICA. Can someone recommend one? ( or severals)?. I will still use SAP website of course, but I am looking for something with a little bit more of structure and with explanations ( no only config ) .

Thanks a lot,



Former Member
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Hi Alex,

Let me also know if you find any good material.

As far as i know there is PSCD SAP study material available. You can search on google for IPS510, latest edition i could find is of 2011.