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Another great proof point of SAP Investigative Case Management (ICM)

now in conjunction with SAP HANA and SAP Predictive Analytics

The Authority is generally regarded as the country’s main means of fulfilling the country's promise to come clean on corruption and to battle the noxious habit to award public funds to companies owned by family members.

Every day it’s inspectors are checking a high volume of cases about potential corruption. But due to this high volume they cannot check every single instance.

And here is where SAP Predictive Analytics (PA) comes into play. SAP PA scores each case within SAP Investigative Case Management according to the likelihood of corruption and therefore directs the attention of the inspectors to the most likely instances of corruption.

But that’s not all: once a case has been classified as relevant for an investigation, SAP PA guides inspectors to where to look for with cheating models based on historic data on how corruption has happened in the past.

And once a potential corruption has been detected, SAP Investigative Case Management helps to prevent this corruption to materialize or – in the worst case- to bring the perpetrators to prosecution.

A great example of the value to combine  SAP Investigative Case Management  with SAP HANA and it's GeoSpatial, Text Analytics, Predictive, and Streaming capabilities for a forward thinking law enforcement solution platform.

Klaus Wigand

Global Solution Manager for SAP Public Security


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