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We live in a digital age. This means different things to different people, different industries, and even different cultures.

What doesn't change is the universal expectation that technology, going digital, should simplify processes and create great experiences.

As this increasing becomes a requirement in B2C and even B2B interactions, it will be expected that public services, those provided by government, be accessible on all devices in a clean, consumer grade manner. Likewise, citizens are demanding that government goes digital to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and to maximize their tax dollars while targeting policies and funding programs that have data behind them showing they achieve results.

SAP, is the trusted source for solving the most complex problems for world's best run businesses with technology.

SAP will be the leaders in helping government:

Become a digital government at the core,

Build a strong public services workforce that best serves the digital society,

Provide a consumer grade experience to citizens,

Enable business growth with integrated marketplaces,

and take advantage of hyper-connected infrastructure.

To that end, please allow me to introduce SAP's Digital Government Innovation Team! We are a focused group based in D.C., partnering with government services to help bring the best digital government to the US people.

I look forward to providing more insights into Digital Government and our activities here in DC!

Please follow us:

snapchat - SAPDGIT

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