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Never before has the challenge of a society that sees itself borderless been so concerned about borders  – We consume, we sell, we collaborate, we work, we play and of course PROTECT. It’s never been easier through the power of technology to facilitate these things. It is not a perception any more, it’s a fact and with that comes the reality.... We want and need  things in real time.

So what is Real Time as it pertains to protecting our borders.   –it applies to the way that technology can help Border protection organizations and their ecosystem of partners gain a real-time understanding of their area of operation of which they are chartered to protect, secure and manage.  

The safety and security of our respective nations start and finish at the borders – whether they are physical or virtual.

SAP’s decision to attend and speak at the SMARTBORDERS conference  at One Whitehall in London June 2014 was made because we believe that we are positioned to make a difference in an increasing complex global threat that will rely heavily on the ability of its technology to support border agencies with REAL TIME information, tools and processes.

It was clear from the diversity and experience of not only the speakers but the attendees (Dept Of Homeland Security, UK Borders, European Commission, Interpol, Borderpol, etc) and suppliers present (Accenture, SITA, SAS, Steria etc) that a common challenge is being faced against the balance of Security and Facilitation meaning that the there has to be a balance between  security of our borders, ensuring that they catch the terrorists, smugglers and illegal immigrants whilst facilitating the freedom of movement of people, goods and services for the benefit of trade, tourism and prosperity.

Much was discussed around the desire for true collaboration between not only technology partners, the private and public sector but within government to ensure effective and efficient management of policy,  legislation and outcomes.

We were able to position Real Time Border Management offering as platform of capability that will challenge the norm and position us at the front line against the fight for a safe and secure future in collaboration with our partners, government and private sector

From borders we have a direct connection to urban matters as most air and sea borders are close or integral to major cities. This is Real Time Situational Awareness at the heart of Public Security and can be a game changer for securing our borders around the world. 

What is your perception of the threat and the importance of managing borders in Real Time?

Link to the SMARTBORDERS Site

More of the material will be available shortly and we will share it here

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