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By Martin Klein, Global Head of Public Services Ecosystem & Channels


Co-innovation is a big deal at SAP. We recognize that we can’t make the world run better alone, and with a few competitive exceptions, we’re prepared to collaborate with all the great organizations who are working to solve the many pressing challenges we face today. We see many of these challenges most acutely in the government, education, and healthcare sectors – these are the industries called on to address social needs that the private sector can’t, won’t, or simply shouldn’t handle. SAP’s leadership thus looks to the Public Services & Healthcare team and the ecosystem it serves for ambitious ideas and hands-on approaches for tackling the big issues of our time – a priority for SAP as a business and for its employees. You can see this in our Urban Matters initiative, which goes beyond the current (loud and admittedly interesting) hype about smart cities to spread the fundamentals of good local government via technology.

We want our technology platforms – namely, the SAP Mobile Platform and SAP HANA® -cross-pollinating across as many different people and organizations as reasonably possible, with individual advances contributing to the strength ofthe ecosystem. Of course, we have a business interest in that, and we know all of our partners do as well. That’s why our approach to co-innovation provideshealthy incentives to everyone involved. When partners co-innovate with us simply by choosing to develop on our platforms, they have an opportunity tocreate their own valuable IP.

With everyone thus motivated, we think even the world’s most daunting problems canbe solved or at least mitigated. Government, higher education and healthcareinstitutions are the front line in the quest for sustainable, healthy, productive and meaningful lives. In all of these areas, incredible new tools and solutions that we could never have dreamed up alone are now emergingorganically on our platforms. As promising as these are, we’re just getting started and we have a lot of work to do, and we urgently need the help of you, our partners.

In a few weeks, we’ll be hosting the SAP Public Services and Healthcare Summit in The Hague to bring together our team and our partners to brainstorm on transformation in public services and healthcare. It’s a rare opportunity for our global community to meetface-to-face and hear about the hands-on work to improve people’s lives that is taking place worldwide. We need you there to challenge us, tell us how we can help and to share ideas with your peers. Certainly there will be many business opportunities, but better yet, you’ll return energized by new and practical ideas on how to achieve a better-run world, faster.  By hosting the SAP Public Services and Healthcare Summit, May 7-9, 2014, we are making a commitment to not only our public services and healthcare colleagues, but to you, our partners, to ensure you have the information, tools, and relationships you need to be successful.  We also want to learn from you – and listen to your ideas on how we can deliver better, smarter solutions to the market as one, more unified team.

On behalfof SAP, we sincerely hope you can join us at the SAP Public Services and Healthcare Summit in The Hague.  I look forward to seeing you – and working together to make a difference!