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SAP re-branded SAP Real Time Situational Awareness for Public Sector (RTSA) to SAP Real Time Analysis, Awareness, and Prediction for Public Sector (RAAP) to provide for solutions that meet our customers’ situational awareness platform and application expectations.

Why Re-branding?

  • Provide end-to-end industry solutions for situational awareness integrated in the 2016 Value Map
  • Clearly identify SAP entering the situational awareness solution market
  • Deliver new innovations

By re-branding to an end-to-end solution set SAP can continue to roll out situational awareness applications  in a way that customers can grow their landscape while  taking advantage of SAP‘s latest innovative  technologies. Users can consume the full range of predictive modeling and data tools, reporting, as well as produce visualization of the data on SAP’s in-memory data platform for real-time business.   Now we can deliver new HANA applications  such as the new innovation – SAP Light Visualization application.

In my last post "What is Visualization", I mentioned this new innovation we developed to improve network visualization.

What is Light Visualization?

  • Provides users more visual support in order to see pattern and trends
  • Graphical representation of business data so users can quicker see risks or options
  • Graph visualization that supports a proactive and reactive way of decision making

The Light Visualization application address a shift in the user demand.  No longer are administrators or business analysts the only users that require this type of representation but it is part of the day-to-day challenges of a public case worker, public works employees, and the general user community. Users are overwhelmed by the amount of information and call for simple visual presentations so they can recognize patterns, understand connections, and consume analytical content.

Light Visualization simple by design. The application can be implemented with very little to no training, and is clear to the user what he/she can do with the tool.  The solution has up to date monitoring for status checks where reliability is essential.

Light Visualization combines business data with geographical data in a way that is intuitive.  It provides a holistic view of business data in a new visual way. Wouldn't we all want to have this?  Data can be sorted in containers based on person (equals organization), objects (weapons or claims), location (living address) and events (incidents, inquiry).  In addition, you can create relationships like married, brother, or witness and display them in a graph.

What use cases would you like to see for Situational Awareness?  Which industry?  Healthcare? Education? Frictionless Government - Public Works? Please let me know your thought?