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We are delighted to announce the availability of two SAP for Public Sector Industry videos, following the Khan Academy style, to help support your lead generation and market awareness activities. These videos, both ~ 3 minutes long, are visually simple yet compelling, professionally voiced over and present our value proposition in a concise manner.

First, the Industry Whiteboard – follows a “3x5” construct to highlight our key solutions at the intersection of 3 key business drivers of the public sector and our 5 market categories.

Second, the “Run Like Never Before” video – follows the same 3 key business drivers of the public sector, and maps SAP public sector customer proof points against each.

These videos are intended for our global public sector GTM efforts, and can be sent internally to SAP colleagues, or externally to prospects, partners, influencers, customers, etc. Usage is practically limitless - some examples include showing these in a prospect meeting, sending in an email to a customer, adding to your marketing campaigns, attaching as a link under your signature block, putting on a flash drive to hand-out at a conference, using them to kick-off internal GTM alignment calls, etc.

Special thanks to Marlyn Zelkowitz from the Public Sector IBU team to help create these compelling videos.

Similar videos are available for the other 23 SAP GTM industries – including Defense & Security, Healthcare and Higher Education & Research.

These Public Sector videos are posted on YouTube:

1)     Industry Whiteboard

2)     Run Like Never Before

And on

1)     Industry Whiteboard

2)     Run Like Never Before  - Posted soon!