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Recently I was fortunate enough to be invited by TechUK to an event at the House of Commons in London for the launch of their new report. Policing and the Internet of Things.

This is a very relevant document that lays out the challenges of IoT for Public Safety and Policing

The document for me highlights 4 key points:-

  1. Internet of Things (IoT): the message is clear as we become more connected the footprint of threat increases accordingly, the volume of data is increasing exponentially, the velocity of data is heading towards light speed and it’s all rather complex and virtualised.

  2. The lines are blurring – it’s clear that the cyber world is having a dramatic effect on crimes of all natures, from serious organised crime, terrorism right the way through the spectrum of vulnerable people and border management, immigration and refugees and back to high volume low level crime. Hence the comment in the text on the problem being wider than just Policing.

  3. The new risk landscape, as the document describes, effects Consumers (who are also Citizens of course), Businesses (Government) and Public Spaces (Cities) and opens up both a sequence of challenges and opportunities for Public Security.

  4. As many studies have stated the pace of threat and criminal capability is outpacing Public Security forces and agencies. It requires the partnership between Law Enforcement and Industry and it needs to act fast

At SAP we are constantly looking at how we can take our technologies and innovations across all industries, as is mentioned above, the lines are blurring and it is the same with technology. We must evolve all capabilities so that every industry benefits:

  • Innovation in sports on real time decision making can be taken into policing and borders

  • Social media and Open Source analysis for retail is relevant for Public Security and Citizen centric safeguarding

  • Fraud detection for banking is valid across any security related dataset and consumer engagement is citizen engagement

The key is Interoperability at speed for real time decision making on a platform of capability that will extend with innovation, whether it be machine learning, AI, Blockchain, Robotics, Big Data or IoT. For us that is SAP Leonardo!

This document from TechUK, which has been endorsed by senior police officers in the UK, is current and extremely relevant.

Here is the link to the TechUK launch report and the download for the report – Well done Henry Rex and team