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Money on the Table: SAP Offers Even More Public Services & Healthcare Partner Enablement

By Martin Klein, Global Head of Public Services Ecosystem & Channels

We’re emphasizing the imperative for co-innovation here at the Public Services & Healthcare Summit in The Hague. Mark White alluded to the unique responsibility our industries have to confront the world’s increasingly pressing and worrisome macro-problems. It’s going to take rapid and intensive innovation – and we’re the ones to do it. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Like our partners, we’re also running a for-profit business. In a business sense, innovation is all about helping our customers get closer to theirs – citizens, students and patients. Customer intimacy was one  of the key points made by our (remarkably energetic and savvy) keynote speaker Peter Sheahan.


Co-innovation is a win-win-win for partners, customers and SAP itself. Given their key role, we have an additional form of support for our partners: co-investment. We’re putting money on the table and adding new meaning to “partner enablement.” As a sign of SAP’S ambitious plans for the Public Services & Healthcare industries, we have launched the Partner Enablement Fund. Service delivery has since long been at the core of SAP‘s partner ecosystem and market success. While SAP has a strong partner ecosystem, with more than 3000 active service partners, the aggressive timeline of our innovation agenda requires continuous investment in partner skills development and enablement. With the Partner Enablement Fund, we’re moving to turbocharge the process. The fund is a global program available in all markets, is open to all SAP Public Services & Healthcare partners on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be officially launched by the end of Q2.

Our objective by the end of 2014 is to train and certify 2,000 Partner Delivery and GTM Resources. Reaching this milestone of trained and certified Partner  resources will sharply improve the visibility of the SAP PS&H ecosystem for customers and prospects.  Peter spoke about solving the right customer problems, and how solving the wrong problem (even brilliantly) can be a pitfall for consultants.  We’re committed to giving you the resources you need to identify and solve the right problems. It’s a top priority for my leadership team and me.

If you have questions, please stop me in the halls, send me an email, or give me a shout on the event mobile app.

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