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Information Technology as an Element in Business Environment Attractiveness

Information technology most certainly cannot solve all the challenges alone – it is not the sole silver bullet. Just think of processes such as those for the protection of investors - measured by Doing Business. In order to improve the index ranking, it may be more effective to change the law first. But at least part of the remedy could be an open data portal in which all relevant information must be published to reach a higher level of transparency into the business where the investors have dedicated their money to. 

Other Doing Business criteria seem to call for the use of information technology: just think of the advantage of a portal for starting a business as a single point of contact for a potential investor. If you checked the Doing Business Web Page for the reforms other countries have conducted to increase the rank here you will almost always find a One Stop Shop as a mean...

Criteria like “getting credit” may be improved by a centralized register with a high information depth. Simplification of the taxpayer process may be improved by a consolidated application for processing all relevant taxes based upon one single data set per business partner.

You can see there are criteria that are more linked to Information Technology - and a few that are less linked. This point makes it necessary to go into the details of the criteria - one by one. You will be surprised....

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