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I already covered the basic features of Social Application and Social Plan (Introduction to SAP Social Services Solution - Part IV). In this blog I am going to continue with step "Finalise Decision" in the Social Plan.

4- Finalise Decision:

All information in the "Social Plan" is used to assess and approve the payments. Social Plan uses the same features than "Social Application" to support the processing such as: partner, dates, notes, actions.

Decision for Benefits and Deductions are inputs to determine “Net Payments” (Planned Payments). Net Payment calculation is triggered as soon as Benefit Decision is assessed  as long as the revision status is “Gross Payment Determined”, then the “Net Payment” simulation is  available for display using button “Net Display” located in the header area of the Social Service Plan.

Net Payment Calculation functionality collects all Payments to be done:

  • On the same Day.
  • For the same Payment Recipient.
  • For Programs belonging to the same Payment Family.

Net Payment Calculation will create individual Planned Payments for all Due Dates. Net Payments are calculated in SAP ECC and displayed in SAP CRM UI in runtime, and then the planned payments are transferred to Accounting (SAP PSCD).SAP delivers a pre-defined integration to SAP Public Sector Collection & Disbursement (PS-CD which is based on FI-CA). Using SAP ECC Transaction PSSC00_NCD_ALV  All Net Calculation Documents could be displayed.

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