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As I mentioned in my last entry  (Introduction to SAP Social Services Solution - Part III) once the social application is approved, system would determine eligibility and creates the follow-on document Benefit Decision , or assigns a suitable existing social service plan.

After calculated eligibility, system would process the next step "Calculate Entitlement".

3- Calculate Entitlement

Entitlement is the right to and amounts of specific Benefits for a specific period within the Social Program.

Entitlement are shown as statuses for each benefit claimed (item). Entitlement statuses are triggered:

  • Automatically with revision status “Case Assigned”.
  • Must be manually re-triggered following any manual changes to the Decision Period.
  • Can be manually re-triggered as long as the Decision is not Assessed or Approved

Once the decision(social service plan) is assessed manually or automatically, system adjust the entitlement and determine the gross payment.

Entitlement amounts are then calculated based on data on the business partner and the application form. Entitlement calculation rules are Social Program specific and must be created within the implementation project. The can be coded in ABAP or configured using the BRF+ Rule Engine

Determine Gross Payment is always triggered automatically by revision status “Entitlement Adjusted”. Gross Payment Item Determination groups all predecessor and current Entitlements.In case they occur in the past, an Over- or Underpayment item is created

  • An Overpayment item will be posted in Accounting
  • An Underpayment Item will be paid and posted in Accounting

For future payments, Regular Payment Items are created

...To be continued (Introduction to SAP Social Services Solution - Part V)