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Government agencies, contractors, and public universities continue to experience the impact of budget cuts, decreased federal spending, and a wealth of regulatory requirements. That’s nothing new. However, over the past five years, one thing has changed – the rising influence of approximately 1.3 billion constituents. Not only are your customers affected, but so is your business.

Global debt over the last seven years has grown by $57 trillion, posing new risks to financial stability and undermining global economic growth. Thanks to social networks and crowdsourcing, global citizens are more aware of today’s economic situation. Even more game changing is their ability to band together at a moment’s notice to voice their demands for greater accountability, transparency, monetary discretion, safety, cyber security, and ethics. And everyone is listening – especially politicians.

With only finite time, money, and personnel resources on hand, it’s very difficult to fulfill mandated program and service requirements, as well as the public’s call for change, on a timely basis. To deliver financial returns as well as social and political results, the need to integrate information, processes, and technology becomes even more critical.

By considering the unique needs of each organization, services from SAP help simplify operations without disruption. Many organizations realize the advantages of simplified, fully integrated information and processes across government departments, government levels, and borders.

Find out at SAPPHIRE NOW how we help these organizations succeed in an environment that is highly uncertain and demanding.

Better Budgeting in Higher Education: Lesson Learned in Doing It Yourself

Experience the benefits of better budgeting with a do-it-yourself approach. Hear how Duke University secured greater transparency and accountability by establishing public budget formulation with little outside support.

  Join us at SAPPHIRE NOW to learn how you can start your transition to simplification without disruption.