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For the first time nearly 200 representatives of various public sector organisations of Belarus (ministries, committees, agencies etc.) met in Minsk under the SAP umbrella to learn, discuss and talk about how to become digital.
Don't expect Belarus or its cities to be behind. It is very well understood that turning big data into big knowledge is key to cope with already existing change of citizen's expectations. Belarus is not excluded from that change and the government is proactively taking steps to improve people’s lives.

Change of processes and operations of the administration from vertical to horizontal end-to-end approach is the biggest challenge as it includes a cultural (r)evolution. But is the only answer to cope with current impact of rapid technology progress. And it was obvious that there is a clear readiness among the participants and visitors to become more agile and adapt new technologies into the daily work.

Economic prosperity can only come along with innovation across all areas of public responsibility (wealth and health, transport, safety, travel and leisure, housing, education, open budget, etc.). SAP can provide a wide scope of innovative solutions in these directions. Some of them have been shown and discussed here in Minsk.

This event built an excellent foundation to dive deeper and to help this country to get closer to international standards. There was a big interest in state-of-the-art solutions.

Feel invited you to discuss your experience for this country.

What are your thoughts on how governments like Belarus should digitalise?