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I was born Gen X, which for this generation, we can remember a very analogue world. My school trips back then, involved two bus journeys with no smart phones, internet or Netflix.

Today, the benefit of these early life experiences, helped me to set in context a perspective on today's digital world. Yet when I heard about the Metaverse, or even the Megaverse (A group of Metaverses) I wanted to know more.

Megaverse Summary


I wanted to explore the key drivers for change, some call this decade, the Decade of Disruption. With Covid, Climate Emergencies, Global Insecurity and Stalling Economies all converging and creating cascading global disruptions.

There is also the Social Tsunami with some forecasting 44% of the workforce being Gen Z and Alpha by 2030.

The more I researched, the more I understood that this decade will be like no other, because the necessity for innovation is like no other and necessity is the mother of invention.

The paper I created examined the Metaverse, but found the underpinning technologies are much more important and will have a much more profound impact on our future.

If you want to know more, I have a short video summary on Linked-in 

If you want to read a copy, please find the ebook here and also an option to download.