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In the digital economy, companies turn to SAP for innovative software that allows them to run their businesses in an agile fashion and be free to innovate. However, they also turn to SAP for our advanced support, which is the baseline for value realization. With thousands of customers and decades of experience on which to draw, SAP offers companies a comprehensive support package that focuses on business outcomes and continuity. Let me elaborate.

We offer three levels of support value for companies.

First, there is the support foundation. This is the support offering companies choose to accompany the software they purchase from SAP. Our flagship offering here is SAP Enterprise Support. It is priced at 22% of net discounted software license pricing for on-premise solutions, and included in SAP cloud subscriptions – for example, SAP SuccessFactors or SAP S/4HANA in the cloud. Concur, Ariba and Fieldglass will follow very soon in early 2017.

SAP Enterprise Support helps customers to implement software efficiently, to optimize IT operations and to speed up business process innovation. Available across all possible deployment scenarios from on-premise to cloud to hybrid, SAP Enterprise Support provides proactive and preventative support from day one, covering the complete solution lifecycle from implementation via operations to innovation. SAP Enterprise Support helps companies drive business outcomes by benchmarking business and IT KPIs and providing proposals on how use Enterprise Support services even further to optimize these.

Companies have access to our support experts – highly experienced, highly trained individuals – for in-depth problem solving, while the SAP Enterprise Support Academy (which recently won a prestigious Brandon Hall Group award) offers training, support and collaborative learning.

All SAP support offerings include a commitment to deliver continuous improvement and innovation for SAP’s Business Suite 7 until at least 2025 – as well as for SAP S/4HANA. They also include specific usage rights for SAP Solution Manager, SAP’s advanced application lifecycle management tool to manage and optimize SAP landscapes.

Second, and on top of the support foundation, SAP offers SAP Preferred Care, which delivers advanced service levels, access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager and additional Support service entitlements. This is available both in on-premise (priced at +1% of net discounted software landscape value on top of Enterprise Support) and in the cloud for a growing number of cloud solutions (priced at 20% of yearly average solution subscription value). Caltex Australia Group optimized SAP SuccessFactors solutions using SAP Preferred Care resulting in 20% savings in implementation time and costs and enhanced system productivity. (Read more)

Third, our highest level offering is a premium engagement for companies that require an even more individualized and hands-on offering: SAP MaxAttention. This offering is an individually scoped service on top of the support foundation, providing on-site delivery capabilities and spanning from improvements to full transformations. Their pricing is a scope based pricing. These services come with a defined time frame, but are usually extended by customers.

Hewlett-Packard was able to reduce the headcount needed for operations by 55% plus increased planning and analytics cycles by 400% thanks to SAP MaxAttention.

In addition to the support offerings, we provide the SAP Value Assurance service packages, which leverage the experiences out of standardized best-in-class support offerings and individual professional services. Through these pre-defined and outcome-based service packages, SAP accelerates the planning and implementation and by this helps to support successful deployments. SAP Value Assurance is currently offered for SAP S/4HANA, but will be expanded to further offerings. It comes at predefined package prices.

SAP S/4HANA Value Assurance service packages helps Mexican customer Nadro accelerate the implementation of SAP S/4HANA, reduce risk through quality gates, and help achieve a successful go-live event.

We also provide an ever-expanding set of services that not only address continuity in existing landscapes but also speed up the consumption of innovation to capture new trends and market directions. For example, SAP helps companies build integrated digital enterprise landscapes consisting of on-premise and cloud by offering a seamless support experience. The tools at our disposal mean that customers can move to the cloud, implement SAP S/4HANA or integrate a cloud solution such as SAP SuccessFactors with our end-to-end coverage ensuring business continuity. In a recent article, we detailed how our extension policies allow customers to terminate maintenance on unused software and, in return, purchase new software – either on-premise or cloud.

At SAP, we have all the tools, services and support offerings to individualize each company’s digital transformation journey. And, we also have a dedicated and highly trained team of service and support professionals, who have staked their careers on helping companies go live, transform, and run better with SAP’s innovative software.

How Customers Employ SAP Enterprise Support

  • Guangzhou Development Group Incorporated (GDG) achieved a successful SAP SuccessFactors solution deployment and SAP ERP Upgrade with SAP Enterprise Support while saving 60 hours on learning and $33,000 on training costs.

  • Inner Mongolia Yitai Group deployed SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA with help from SAP Enterprise Support resulting in savings of more than ¥4 million on implementation costs.

  • Bangkok-based Siam Cement Public Company (SCG) uses SAP’s Enterprise Support offering to implement and monitor IT security measures, leading to a 60% broader security scope to cover business processes and HR data, which dramatically improved its security rating.

  • In the context of its ERP upgrade project, Italian consumer good producer and retailer Artsana Group used the SAP Enterprise Support offering to reduce downtime by 25% and testing efforts by 20%

  • Indian supermarket chain Nilgiri's Dairy Farm Pvt. Ltd. was able to reduce the amount of overdue, open accounts receivable items from the last two fiscal years by 98% by optimizing business process operations, business process performance, and security with the help of SAP Enterprise Support.

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