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As small businesses grow it becomes more difficult to maintain visibility into operations and keep financials in check. That’s why LinkTech, a fast growing IT services provider with offices in Mexico and the United States, decided to implement the new SAP S/4HANA suite.

On the last episode of #SAPTalks with small and midsize businesses I spoke with Jacobo Ortega, the CEO at LinkTech, about their decision to implement SAP S/4HANA.

Before switching to SAP, the company was running on a bunch of different software systems. It was using off-the-shelf and custom designed financial applications and various Microsoft tools like Excel and Project. Nothing was integrated, there were a lot of manual processes, and it was difficult to generate the reports needed to manage the business.

“We had a lot of sources of information and it took a lot of time to keep track of our resources and profitability,” said Ortega.

SAP S/4HANA was a brand new offering at the time, which seemed a little risky to LinkTech, but when the evaluation team saw the functionality provided in the area of finance and accounting, they knew it was the right decision.

Management of profitability and cash flow improved dramatically on SAP S/4HANA, giving the company more confidence to add resources and services. “Having the right information has been incredible for us. It gives us more visibility and we can grow faster,” said Ortega.

The new SAP Fiori user experience also made it easy for employees to access and use the system on mobile devices. Efficiencies gained throughout the company improved the response time of the whole organization. “All managers and team leaders have the right information when they need it, so we can make decisions more quickly with our contractors and customers,” said Ortega.

Check out the podcast to hear more about how LinkTech is leveraging SAP S/4HANA to grow its business now and in the future.

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