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Technology is making lifecycle services a reality. By looking beyond single projects, affordable lifecycle services add value. Customers are looking for improved ways to collect data. They want to use real-time data to solve problems. Clients also want automated tools that provide insights without onsite personnel. Using new digital business models, these lifecycle tools are now available. They are improving service and changing the industry for the better.

Reuters Polling Explorer: Improving Data Collection

In January 2012, the Reuters/Ipsos polling service began collecting data via online surveys. Today, they poll an average of 11,000 U.S. residents per month. Each week, they conduct polls on a variety of popular topics. The surveys ask for their opinions on politics, business, lifestyle, and current affairs. Each poll aims to collect real-time data on the most up-to-date topics. Rather than traditional phone surveys, Reuters/Ipsos only collects data using online methods. This enables them to collect more data faster. It also allows for more flexibility in the types of questions asked. Using qualified participants, surveys reach a cross-section of the population. A large amount of demographic information is also collected. So, each poll provides deeper insight into the opinions of targeted communities. Analysis of data is flexible using a variety of different social filters. This leads to a better understanding of results.

Delivering Better News

News outlets are using this polling data to cover the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Real-time data analysis gives journalists access to detailed information. Never before have the opinions of the public been available so fast. The media is now able to focus on and investigate issues that are important to people at the moment. Rather than waiting weeks for poll results, journalists receive answers to questions almost immediately. This digital transformation is giving journalists the tools to write deeper, more timely stories. This year’s coverage has relied on public input more than ever before. Daniel Mandell, CRO of Reuters Media, says this allows them to give readers "the unbiased news and information they expect.” Mandell understands that “voters rely on our coverage to make informed decisions.” By providing compelling content, citizens become empowered. The media is working with the public to reshape the election process in exciting new ways.

McKinsey Solutions: Using Data to Solve Problems

Global management consulting firm McKinsey serves top businesses, government agencies, and private organizations. They have launched an innovative new services line of digital products. McKinsey Solutions provides software, technology-based analytics, and specialized tools. Embedding these tools at the client site. McKinsey has 85 years of industry knowledge and functional expertise. And now they offer a suite of digital solutions. New data, software, and expertise packages offer solutions for today's business challenges. McKinsey still provides project-based services. But their lifecycle solutions add value. Analytics, marketing, sales, operations, IT, organization, and strategy solutions are available.

Using Better Data

A leading beverage company uses McKinsey Solutions to optimize their return on sales (ROS). Periscope Performance Vision collects real-time data and uses fast analytics to identify sales changes. The beverage company can make quick corrections in any market to boost profits worldwide. In Shanghai, the company increased the price of a particular bottle size of one beverage. The data showed that this price increase also resulted in a rise in profits. Old data methods told them that increased profits were the result of the new price point. The advanced data analysis solutions of Periscope found the real cause. A promotion on smaller bottles of the same beverage was running at the same time in the Shanghai market. The sale of smaller bottles was the actual cause of an increase in profits. With this more accurate picture, sales managers were able to make fast course corrections. This led to better profit performance and a complete understanding of a particular market.

Hatch: Automating Data Services

Hatch isa leading Canadian engineering services provider with 60 years of experience. They offer technical and strategic services to the mining, metallurgical, energy, and infrastructure industries. With clients in 150 countries, they are bridging the engineering and operations gap. By using innovative ideas, Hatch is looking to the future for solutions that work. This is why they are leading the way in remote performance monitoring. By using digital sensors, they can provide better customer solutions well into the future. Traditional data collection has been strong, but the delivery of data analysis is slow. Providing complex, multi-site data to decision-makers to create real change has been challenging. Solving problems from the past keeps businesses from moving forward. So, Hatch developed remote monitoring systems that find accurate data and provide instant results.

Supporting Better Solutions

Using reliable, high-speed internet communications, Hatch can control sensors across the globe. Rather than sending in a team to analyze data, they can solve problems from a world away. Today, Canadian specialists control furnace systems at smelting operations in South Africa. Engineers track fiber-optic temperature sensors in their furnaces. They can now prevent tap block failure from their offices in Canada. This sensor technology is helpful to furnace operations. Before a furnace fails, local workers make adjustments without affecting production. These sensors solve problems before they happen. Lifecycle services add value to providers and customers. They improve efficiencies and support sustainability.

Professional services companies are driving nonlinear growth by offering affordable lifecycle services. With the help of SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud Platform , these technologies are now a reality. Reuters is improving data collection and delivering better news. McKinsey Solutions is using real-time data to solve problems by using better data. Hatch is automating data collection and interpretation to provide better solutions for customers.

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