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Standard Reports

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what's the way to find out the standard reports in any module provided by SAP, specially i want to know in IS-U module, or any link to any website is rewarded.



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there are amny ways to find the standard report.

1. SAP help would tell you if you are looking at any module.

2. Open the transaction goto status then goto its program and note its dev class then in se 80 you can look at the programs availble in that dev class.

if you can tell your issue may be some help can be provided .


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Hi Gourav,

Hope the following List will be helpful.

Component Function: Short Description Rel. Comment

Transaction/Report/ Menu

IS-U-BF-RS Regional structure: cities > 2.0

IS-U-BF-RS Regional structure: streets > 2.0

IS-U-BF-RS ER3D Political regional structure hierarchy 1.1B

IS-U-BF-RS ER32 Political entity with hierarchy 1.1B

IS-U-BF-PS E41D List of schedule master record 1.1A

IS-U-BF-PS E41L List of allocated meter reading units 1.1A

IS-U-BF-PS E42D List of parameter records 1.1A

IS-U-BF-PS E43C List of schedule records for portions/meter reading units 1.1A

IS-U-BF-PS E43D List of all meter reading units of a portion 1.1A

IS-U-BF-PS List of (over)due billings orders or invoices 1.2

IS-U-CA Menu SISU: "Open item lists (also in relation to a key date, ID of vendor with a debit balance or ID of customer with a credit balance), foreign currency valuation, evaluation of transfer to general ledger" 1.1B

Contract accounts receivable and payable-> Periodic processing

IS-U-CA Menu SISU: Open items lists (according to due date list) 1.2

Contract accounts receivable and payable-> Periodic processing

IS-U-CA FPL9 Account balance 1.1B

IS-U-CS-FO RECVBP02 Customer overview 1.1B

IS-U-CS-FO RECVCO00 Connection object overview 1.1B

IS-U-CS-FO System-> Object services-> "Active workflows for a specified object (for example, business partner)" 1.1B

Workflow information

IS-U-CS-FO ECENV_BP Customer data environment 1.1B

IS-U-CS-FO ECENV_CO Connection object environment 1.1B

IS-U-CS-FO ECENV_DV Device environment 1.1B

IS-U-CS-FO EC25 IS-U navigator for any data environment 1.1B Refer to the IMG

IS-U-CS-BT Disconnection documents 2

IS-U-CS-BT Documents for initial data creation 2

IS-U-CS-BT-IO Move-in/out documents 2

IS-U-DM-IS Device requirements planning 2 Only if it cannot be represented with standard reports (MM)

IS-U-DM-IS Periodic replacement list display 1.2

IS-U-DM-MR EL31 "Monitoring: display of prepared, entered, and billed contracts and devices according to various IS-U criteria (portion, meter reading unit, customer, contract, installation, and device)" 1

IS-U-BI EL31 Billing orders to be billed 1

IS-U-BI REABILLDOC "Billing documents for each customer, account, or contract" 1.1a

IS-U-IS-ST EI10 "Statistical analysis for consumption, stock, and transaction statistics" 1.1B Stock or transaction statistics: Analyses possible via flexible analysis (LIS).

Sales statistics: Analyses possible via LIS generated standard analyses. Analyses are also possible using the flexible analysis (LIS).

"Preliminary work is required (refer to the IS-U menu on stock, transaction, and sales statistics)."

IS-U-IS-ST "Integration of IS-U statistics (stock, transaction, and sales statistics) in SAP-BW" 2

IS-U-WM-PC REAUFK20 "Selection of PM orders according to IS-U criteria (connection object, premise, installation)" 2

IS-U-WM-MD RI* "All evaluations from PM/SM, as long as they are concerned with messages, orders, and technical objects. Statistical analyses in PM-IS." 1 Evaluations in the standard => Refer to the standard documentation.



Try This also,

T-Code: SISU

SAP Eassy Access --> SAP Menu --> Information System --> Report Selection -->


Master Data

Device Management


Meter Reading


Billing Master Data

Billing Execution


Contract Account Receivable




Security Deposits

Installment Plan


Closing Preparation

Data for Extrnals

Payment Card Organizations

Customer Service

Work Management


Thanks & Regards,

Jyotishankar Dutta