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The upstream oil & gas industry involves various processes such as discovery, exploration of crude oil, production planning, allocations, maintenance scheduling and production reporting. These processes take lots of effort & time of the experts since they do not have the required information which will help them to make prompt decisions.

SAP has offered a new solution in Upstream Oil & Gas Industry which will overcome the problems faced. This solution is further integrated with other modules such as PM, QM, MII to provide ERP benefits to the customer so in case any customer has SAP and is looking for a solution for their upstream operations…there you go. SAP Upstream Operations Management (UOM) can be the most preferred solution.

This software answers a lot of questions that expert ask such as

  • What is the production of my equipment
  • What is the downtime loss and which equipment causes the maximum downtime
  • What changes can I make in the network to increase the production in future
  • What is my quantity loss in the network
  • Is the production from equipment as expected
  • What happens to the production after change in the production network

SAP UOM provides answers to all the above questions and many other. It is a solution to all the loosely connected functions in upstream operations. UOM is built on top of ERP and provides following functionality

  • Field data capture
  • Production planning
  • GIS capabilities
  • Analytic & Reporting
  • Maintenance
  • Production Allocation
  • Ownership Accounting
  • "What-If" planning scenarios
  • Integration with ERP modules such as PM which closes the decision loop and eliminates the barrier to integrated upstream operations

The below given diagram summarizes all the capabilities UOM holds for its users:



Field Data Capture

SAP MII allows you to acquire field operation by integrating data historians to SAP system. The data from data historians is directly sent to the system which is further analysed in ERP to provide the accurate information. SAP MII helps to capture well downtime, measurement data at equipment and well test. The well downtime information is further sent to SAP PM to improve maintenance planning activities.

Production Allocation

Production allocation in UOM shows the actual production at upstream nodes after taking in consideration downtime, network loss. The allocation has multiple scenarios such as

  • Beginning Inventory
  • Gas Lift Gas
  • Commingled & Intra month Scenario
  • Load Oil
  • Chemical Analysis

This functionality in UOM makes it very easy for production operators to enter and retrieve the information about production network and allocated values at upstream node. The results obtained can be used to make operational decision, production planning and permit reporting. The other key-features in production allocation are as follows

  • Top-Down & Bottom-up allocation
  • Actual vs. Planned Allocation
  • Calculate loss due to network
  • Capacity Allocation

Reporting & Analytics

UOM is integrated with SAP BW which can help in prompt decision as end user has the required information. The report provides the correct and accurate information. For-example - Production engineer wants to know the main reason for maximum downtime. This information can be easily gathered from report.



Production Planning

Every oil & gas companies plan for the future productions. Planning does not only mean production planning but also planning for maintenance, increase in production, specific change in existing network & its impact. UOM will help in all the aspects and even you can analyze “What-If” scenarios. The future decision will be powered by correct and accurate information given by reports and not by complex spreadsheet which are difficult to comprehend.

Conclusion - The product suits the need for following customer

  • Saves times of managers, operation guys, top management in making decisions as it is an integrated solution which provides correct & accurate information and they are not flooded with complex plethora of excels, reports
  • Reduce the overhead of maintaining multiple products to get the required information
  • Implementation time of a product is reduced as multiple partners are not involved.
  • Customers who want to reduce production loss, improve asset utilization, better operational planning and increase operational efficiency

Stay tune for more updates on Upstream Operations Management.

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