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Setting the Stage for the Future of Energy


What a journey it has been! As ADIPEC 2023 comes to a close, we at SAP are left in awe of the sheer magnitude and influence of this pivotal event in the energy sector. Spanning from October 2-5, the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference once again stood as a colossal gathering like no other. ADIPEC breaks the mold of conventional events, emerging as a vibrant hub of innovation and a stage where the fate of the energy industry is fervently debated and sculpted.

Partnerships that Drive Progress

Collaboration was the cornerstone of our ADIPEC journey. We stood united with eight distinguished partners—Siemens, Opentext, Workforce Software, TeamViewer, Implico, Intcom, Terralink, and Ingenx Technology. Their contributions showcased our collective dedication to driving innovations that redefine the energy landscape.

Engaging the Industry


SAP's presence at ADIPEC was elevated, positioned prominently in the bustling Digitalization Zone of Hall 14. Our booth, more expansive and immersive than ever before, truly embodied our commitment to sustainability and technological advancements in the energy sector.

ADIPEC was definitely a milestone for us, witnessing an incredible 140% increase in customer engagement compared to the previous year. We held 24 mini booth theatre sessions right at our booth, featuring insightful discussions presented by SAP and our partners. It was fantastic to engage with the audience, sharing our expertise and gaining fresh insights.

Leading Discussions, Shaping Perspectives


Participating in prominent panel discussions at ADIPEC was a true privilege. During the "Digitalization Innovation Sessions," Sailendra Sahay, Head of Industry Advisory for EMEA South and Manas Sahoo, Chief Digital Innovation Advisor for Energy Industry, EMEA South provided insights through a quick-fire case study on deploying generative AI. Concurrently, Hisham Gouda, Chief Solutions Expert for IBU Oil, Gas and Energy offered valuable perspectives on smart demand response solutions, shedding light on the evolving energy market.

Additionally, Manas Sahoo shed some light at the "Manufacturing and Industrialization Technical Conference" sharing profound insights on Manufacturing 4.0 Technologies & Processes.

Delving into the "Future Leaders Conference," Stephane Lauzon, Head of IBU Oil, Gas and Energy, actively engaged in a forward-thinking panel discussion. Stephane provided valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of energy jobs and underscored the importance of upskilling in the AI era, inspiring the next generation of energy industry leaders.

Future Focused Roundtables


Our active participation in the "ADIPEC Leadership Roundtables" was a fundamental highlight. Engaging in insightful discussions on critical topics, Arif Abdullah, VP for Industry Cloud at SAP SE, explored strategies for delivering rapid scalability to triple renewable capacity by 2030. Arif also lent his expertise in another thought-provoking roundtable discussing the UAE-German business dialogue, specifically emphasizing investment opportunities within the UAE.

Additionally, Stephane Lauzon shared his insights on achieving lower carbon capital projects amidst uncertainties, contributing to the collective vision for a sustainable future.

Executive Insights and Vision Shared

Sharing our vision in the ADIPEC Show Dailies magazine was an exciting opportunity. It was a chance to convey our commitment to sustainability and digitalization, aligning our goals with the energy sector's future. As expressed by Manas Sahoo, “We recognise the industry’s pressing needs, starting with business transformation, and continuous innovation to stay ahead of the competition. No other industry is going through a more significant transformation than oil, gas and energy.” The Middle East's potential for growth is immense, and we are eager to nurture partnerships that will help define tomorrow's energy landscape.

Charting the Path Forward

ADIPEC 2023 held a special significance for us. It transcended being a mere event; it symbolized our unwavering commitment to transforming the energy industry. It became a hub where ideas flowed freely, partnerships sparked, and the roadmap to a sustainable, digital future was unfolded. As we stride forward, we carry the vitality and passion from ADIPEC, fully prepared to propel innovation and sculpt the energy landscape of tomorrow. Until next year!