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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


We are delighted to announce Stephane Lauzon as our new Head of the SAP Oil, Gas, and Energy Industry within the IBU Energy and Utilities Team.

Stephane joined SAP in 2007 as an Industry Principal in North America prior to joining the IBU. Within the IBU, Stephane has taken on various assignments, from leading the upstream segment to commercialization of industry solutions to several customer and partner co-development activities. More recently, he has also focused on the sustainable energy transition.

Before joining SAP, Stephane held various project engineering management roles at Honeywell. Stephane holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Taking on this new role, he is eager to collaborate with the team and our customers to shape our industry capabilities during this important time of transition.

Continuing the IBU tradition, we invited Stephane to answer a few questions about his goals and his outlook on the industry.

  1. Stephane, as someone who has been with SAP for over 16 years, which specific goals would you like to achieve as the new Head of the SAP Oil, Gas, and Energy Industry, and how do you plan to leverage team expertise to achieve them? We have a privileged position within the industry thanks to our fantastic and deeply engaged customers. For over 40 years, we have been able to build industry solutions with and for industry through various co-development and co-innovation programs. In fact, our OG&E customers have led the way, as many other industries have also adopted our solutions. A main goal is to ensure we maintain and strengthen our ability to work with our customers and our partners to meet the needs of industry, with programs like the Innovation Center for Energy that we recently launched. We have a strong industry capability across our broader SAP team including our product development, service, partner, and regional industry advisor teams, that will help achieve our goals.

  2. In your opinion, what are the greatest challenges lying ahead for the oil, gas, and energy industry in the near future? Additionally, considering the evolving landscape, how would you describe the role of SAP in supporting this industry? Certainly, the sustainable energy transition is an important challenge at the forefront. There’s a long record of delivering secure and reliable energy to the world. Hydrocarbons will continue to be a part of the energy mix even as industry looks to diversify into low/no-carbon energy products. We need to also remember that hydrocarbons are used in non-combustion applications and form the building blocks of hundreds of products society uses every day. Each company is determining their approach to the energy transition as to what makes sense to them. Topics like renewable fuels, hydrogen, and carbon capture aren’t new topics. What is anticipated to be different is the timing and scale at which these new energy products/technologies will be further established. Our role at SAP is primarily to stay close to industry as it changes, and with industry, shape our industry solution portfolio to support the transition.

  3. What role do you believe diversity and inclusion play in fostering innovation and creativity in the workplace? I believe that diversity and inclusion are very important for high performing teams. I’ve experienced many times firsthand the benefit of varied viewpoints. And I’ve experienced the opposite, views being more uniform. Varied views have led to better and more complete outcomes.

  4. What kind of support or resources do you believe are necessary to achieve a healthy work-life balance? One of the important aspects is having teams that are highly collaborative and supportive so that work can continue even when individual members may be away, allowing individuals the ability to have the balance that they need.

  5. Continuing the IBU Energy and Utilities tradition, three quick “This or That” questions:

    • Early bird or night owl? Early bird (in training :)).

    • Text message or phone call? Either is fine, depending on the context.

    • Head person or heart person? Heart

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, Stephane. We wish you all the best in your new role and look forward to continuing to work together, supporting our customers in the industry.


Best regards

Oxana Oleynik
Marketing & Communications, IBU Energy & Utilities


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