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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Let us have a look at the main SAP Oil, Gas, and Energy highlights in 2021


  • Sustainability/Energy Transition:

SAP has developed a Climate Strategy Framework to help you to thrive in a low carbon economy and to be resilient with climate change. This consists of the following five pillars of action:

Counting: “1,2,3: Get the numbers right.”
Insights, Reporting and Analytics on 1,2,3 scope emissions across an enterprise’s activities remain the foundation for all corporate climate strategies.

2. Mitigation: “Make it small: reduce emissions in your span of control.”
Interventions in business-as-usual activities are needed to reduce emissions.

3. Markets: “Use carbon credits and markets to get to zero and buy and sell low carbon products and services.”
Net Zero targets will only be met by going to the external carbon market to offset emission which cannot be avoided or reduced. Low carbon products and services will only create value by selling their credentials across enterprises in markets and networks.

4. Transition: “Reset your business model as part of the energy transition.”
The global energy system is under extreme pressure to decarbonize by transitioning from hydrocarbons to carbon free power generation, electrification, and deployment of new energies at scale, especially biomass and hydrogen.

5. Adaptation: “Protect your business from a changing climate.”
Resilience will be both financial, as the external cost of carbon is increasingly priced, and physical. Physical resilience will be essential to avoid disruptions to operations and supply chains.


  • Industry Cloud:

22 highly relevant Industry Cloud solutions approved for Oil, Gas and Energy (9 partner / 13 SAP).  Roadmap for 2022 outlined and execution work underway.


  1. Corrosion Under Insulation Manager - DNV GL

  2. Risk-based Inspection - AsInt

  3. Inspection Data Management System - AsInt

  4. Equipment & Tools Management - BearingPoint

  5. People Logistics - Intcom

  6. Energy Management & Optimization - Evolution Energie

  7. Connected Depot - Implico

  8. Self-service Industrial Analytics - TrendMiner

  9. EC&O Issue Management - LTI



  1. SAP E-Mobility

  2. SAP Asset Manager

  3. SAP Asset Strategy & Performance Management

  4. SAP Predictive Asset Insights

  5. SAP Maintenance Assistant

  6. SAP Enterprise Product Development

  7. SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

  8. SAP Subscription Billing

  9. SAP Digital Vehicle Hub

  10. SAP Edge Services

  11. SAP Profitability & Performance Management

  12. SAP Logistics Business Network

  13. SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Projects


  • SAP S/4HANA: 185 customers live for Oil, Gas, and Energy.

We made great strides with our quarterly deliveries in public cloud this year. We have brought new capabilities that include the capture of production volumes, hydrocarbon revenue accounting, asset retirement obligations, and the mass processing of assets. We continue to make significant additions to our services procurement, unifying and harmonizing across our spend products, and to our new field logistics solution. The new field logistics solution supports the movement of equipment and materials, including own materials, supplier materials, direct purchase stock and non-stock (with and without material master), and rentals. Movements comprise of forward processes and returns, as well as transfers between locations. We are also pleased to announce that the field logistics solution is planned to be released for private cloud deployments in autumn 2022.


  • SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP):

Everyone Can Be a Developer: SAP Introduces Tools for Citizen and Professional Developers, Embedded AI, and a Free Learning Experience SAP TechEd News: Everyone Can Be a Developer | SAP News Center

SAP now offers the Business Technology Platform Free Tier from July 1 Free Tier Model for SAP BTP | SAPPHIRE NOW Innovation News Guide 2021

Embedded Artificial Intelligence. SAP expands enterprise AI offerings across its portfolio Embedded AI - SAP TechEd News Guide


  • New SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management Solution

The solution simplifies assigning and managing work projects across multiple workers and variable pay rates, enabling operations managers to quickly deploy assignments, minimize downtime and maximize return on investment. (Find out more information)


  • IAM co-development with Accenture

Accenture and SAP Co-Developing SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) Solutions.  Accenture and SAP in a unique joint initiative to design, develop and deliver cloud-based solutions and services that strengthen the existing SAP IAM suite on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and SAP S/4HANA. Building on a long history of partnership between Accenture and SAP, this new endeavor is designed for clients in industries such as energy, life sciences and natural resources. The new cloud-based industry solutions and services will help maximize performance, improve operational safety, minimize environmental impact and reduce maintenance costs of assets.  Oil, GAS & Energy industry business unit is leading the initiatives with support of the IAM LOB and marketing.  Backed by the agility and scalability of cloud, these solutions will pull real-time operational and condition data from multiple sources, including IoT and sensor-enabled devices, to provide an integrated view of assets for better decision-making. Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities help turn assets and operational insights into actions. This will help companies, for example, optimize the scope of work and effort required for inspection, planned repairs and emergency maintenance. With improved maintenance tracking and better visibility into work planning, companies can run more “lean and clean,” producing and distributing goods and services in a more sustainable way.   Additionally, Accenture and SAP will create a co-innovation group with industry clients to obtain feedback and new ideas on industry market standards. To accelerate and simplify delivery of these new industry solutions and services, clients can look to Accenture’s myConcerto, an insight-driven platform with intelligent capabilities and pre-configured solutions for industry and business functions. These out-of-the-box capabilities help companies harmonize SAP technologies, applications and capabilities in a single integrated platform to amplify business results.


  • Expo2020 

In the heart of Expo 2020 at the main dome, SAP House opened its doors on October 1st. SAP House is both a cutting-edge business center and an inviting hub showcasing the ethos and innovation of SAP.   Like a perfect puzzle, SAP House provides ideal spaces to network, debate, and demonstrate the latest SAP products and technologies to SAP’s partners and existing and future customers. And As a premier technology partner of Expo 2020. we are proud that SAP House hosted several Oil, Gas & Energy customers and partners sparked conversation, shared knowledge, more events are planned for the first three month of 2022.  We demonstrated how SAP can help OG&E companies worldwide innovate and run at their very best.


  • Oil, Gas, and Energy Innovation Day at the EXPO2020

At the EXPO2020 DUBAI and as SAP is a Premier Partner at the heart of the Expo 2020 Dubai site.  We invited several OG&E for innovation workshop where offered a platform for learning about the latest industry challenges and discovering cutting-edge innovative use-cases, e.g.  Operational Facility Decommissioning, Workover Rig-Scheduling, Production Optimization, Digitizing Refueling & Ticketing.  The attendees engaged actively with OG&E industry experts in an innovation workshop to identify, share pain points and define a roadmap to realize the highest value potential in the selected use-cases. The workshop provided the opportunity to benefit from a unique networking experience with other companies.


  • ENOC Going Live

ENOC’s went Live on 1st Sep was a very successful,  As the go-live is a staggered one,  they open up all of the 32 Business Units for transacting on SAP progressively especially the Manufacturing O&G Units, which was as planned after Inventory successful loads.  Mr. Alfalasi (CEO) visited the Go-Live Control Room on 1st and praised all parties ENOC  is officially celebrated this event the following week.


  • International SAP Conference for Oil, Gas, and Energy 2021

Please find more details in the blog written by Clare Treverton.


  • 2021 ASUG Best Practices for Oil, Gas, and Energy

Please find more details in the blog written by Brent Potts.


  • ADIPEC Exhibition 15-18 Nov 2021

Hosted by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC) is the world’s most influential meeting place where oil, gas and energy companies and professionals convene in-person, safely and securely, to engage and identify the opportunities that unlock new value in an evolving energy landscape.

SAP along with partner covered following 6 topics

  1. Intelligent Energy Operations

  2. Intelligent Upstream, with our partner Utopia

  3. Intelligent Downstream, with our partners Implico & GK

  4. Turbocharge with Industry 4.0, with our partner Realwear

  5. Digital Content Management, with our partner Open Text

  6. Digital Twin, with our partner Siemens


Executive panel discussion lead by Benjamin & other SAP delegates

SAP & AWS together – Talked on topic “Energy Transition : Rise with SAP” covered by Ajay Sharma & Kamesh Bohra

More then 150+ visitors visited our booth in 3 days
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