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Hi All,

Sharing a very basic case study which is about SAP IS-Oil shipment processing. I will also share on IS-Oil forum.

Business scenario - SAP IS-OIL TD shipment processing

Problem statement - During the fuel delivery to customer (unloading of first delivery), there is some fuel quantity left on truck due to various uncontrollable reasons. The truck goes to another customer (second delivery) with this quantity inside truck. This is “left on truck” qty. During the delivery confirmation step of the second delivery, system was throwing an error due to quantity tolerance exceeding.

Reason – This is because, vendor did not declared the “left on truck” quantity after the first delivery. Hence for second delivery, when the delivered quantity was reported to ERP, the delivered quantity is much more than loaded quantity.

In Standard SAP IS-Oil, for a TD action of “gain/loss”, the gain quantity is termed as “transport loss/gain” and was having considerable tolerance. But, In our case, the quantity gain (during second delivery confirmation) was not a “transport” gain, it was quantity gain due to quantity left on truck from previous trip. Our client wanted the gain to be reported as “left on truck” gain and not transport gain. Hence had to resolve using new non-standard solution.

Solution - For TD action '8' (gain/loss), new reason code was created for left on truck gain when quantity is not declared during load confirmation. when second delivery is posted, this new reason code is used to post the gain.