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Find your starting point and path by following the industry leaders @ the International SAP Conference for Oil & Gas


For oil & gas companies to succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution they will need a next generation intelligent technology suite that provides agility and automation. And with next generation business processes enabled the worker experience is improved and costs are reduced. Come and hear examples about how Oil & Gas companies got started on their journey to become an Intelligent Enterprise and have created more competitive advantage along the way.

As oil & gas companies emerge from recent challenges of more price volatility and market pressures many oil and gas organizations are rapidly transforming, and some are now significantly different businesses. Companies have leaned out their operations and refocused their business strategies. Yet, change just seems to be the new normal and agility is more important than ever, especially in the next decade with the transition to Energy 2030.

In the next decade oil & gas companies continue to pursue their bold energy vision: To deliver safe, reliable and sustainable energy products and services focused on the customer and enabled by innovation. With the help of Intelligent Technologies from SAP, oil and gas companies can achieve the “Digital Energy Network” with automation for connected assets, connected workers, connected logistics, connected projects, and connected oilfields. According to research, the most significant impacts of Intelligent Enterprise Technologies on oil and gas will be cost optimization, high-level process automation, new business models, and enhanced productivity. The next question is when, where, how do we get started on our journey to becoming and Intelligent Enterprise? The International SAP Conference for Oil & Gas aims to provide answers to these questions and more. Come and learn directly from companies who have started their digital enterprise journey. Here are just a few of the companies sharing technology and business insights at this event.

  • Alliander AG

  • Gazprom

  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company

  • Shell

  • Liquigas

  • Suncor

  • OMV AG

  • Equinor ASA

  • BP

  • Nostrum Oil and Gas plc

  • ConocoPhillips

  • ENOC

There are many starting points and paths to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. So please register and come join the SAP oil & gas community and find your best path to become the Oil & Gas Intelligent Enterprise.

See you soon in Milan, Italy this spring!
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