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The ESA App Camp is an unique app development event that offers access to the latest space data and the SAP HANA Platform – participants can choose their challenge and meet with like-minded people to tackle some of the world's greatest challenges.

The Appathon participants will be asked to team up and develop ideas on how to enrich apps with the abundance of data offered by Earth observation satellites and the power of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

The winning teams will be invited to the ESA App Camp in Barcelona, Spain and honoured at the Mobile World Congress 2015.
Five challenges have been devised to inspire entrants in creating the solutions of tomorrow.

There are two SAP challenges -one with focus on Mill Products and Mining:
Use Big Geo Data to maximise asset utilisation while reducing environmental, health, and safety risks

The mining and mill products industry - which includes industry segments such as forest products, metals, and building materials - is facing huge challenges. Geological resources and renewable raw materials are scarce, the world's population and per capita consumption continue to grow, and related risks to the environment and human health are always a concern. The ability to supply humanity with minerals, sand, stone, coal, wood, metal, and other geological resources or renewable raw materials while sustainably securing controlled, regulated mining and logging is a priority goal.

Earth observation data can be used to aid mill products and mining companies - as well as public authorities - in carrying out measures that support this objective and monitoring their success.


Potential approaches

A number of important questions provide opportunities to help solve our global resource problems:

  • How can we minimise pollution and other negative impacts on the environment over the life of a mine?

  • How can we do even more for the safety of people who work in mines or live nearby?

  • What is the most efficient way to comply with government regulations?

  • What are the best options for final reclamation of the land after a mine is closed?

  • Which forest areas can or should be harvested in the short term?

  • Where do storms cause damage, and what has been damaged in the past?

  • Which areas are most suitable for growing certain species of trees, and why?

  • Where is (severe) damage caused by fungus or insects?

  • How can we discover, predict, and even prevent illegal logging and timber theft?

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