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Energy and Natural Resources Industries Empower Employees by Engaging Users


McKinsey has found that large global organizations have created so much complexity that many businesses struggle to bring good ideas to the marketplace profitably. Certainly this applies also to Energy and Natural Resources companies. The focus on increasing operational efficiency has inadvertently created complex systems that are now stifling employee creativity and productivity. 


Most business process platforms were not created with usability in mind. As a result, users are forced to collect information from disparate systems stumbling through a variety of complex interfaces. On top of this, high data latency and overnight batch jobs often inhibit real-time decision-making. This frustrating experience can lead to low-user acceptance of current systems and reduced productivity.


S/4 HANA has put user experience in the center of the design process. Applications use the SAP Fiori design for a role-based, mobile-first, consistent experience. Contextual information dashboards, such as SAP Smart Business cockpits, show analytical information next to the transaction. Zero data latency and consistent transactional and analytical information help employees make real-time decisions.


Usability as the key design principle also has real business benefits. SAP benchmark studies have found significantly higher revenue per employee when employees have the right information and execution tools. Better information and user experiences go straight to the top line.


Want to learn more? Here are the top ten S/4HANA benefits for Energy and Natural Resources industries.