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Some interesting reading on one of the largest mine wall collapses

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Some interesting reading that provides a great insight into the challanges the mining industry routinely faces, the technology that can be applied to detect such possible events, and the applicaiton of robotics to speedily recover and restart the operation.

On April 10th this year, one of the world’s largest landslides tumbled 150 million tons of rock and dirt down the northeastern pit wall of Kennecott Utah’s Bingham Canyon copper-gold-molybdenum mine, likely becoming one of the more expensive landslides in modern history.


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Good to hear that the many technologies and applications were used for continuous monitoring of slope stability and the first slide was completed predicted.

Though it was unfortunate that the impact / magnitude of the second slide was not completely anticipated.

Slope Stability is one of most important subject / concern of all kind of open cast mining operations.

Constraint of not abundant mining lease area and to avoid extra hauling cost for dumping, leads the miners to build OB dumps very nearby to the operating pits.

So it is very important to observe the slope stability of those dumps very minutely.

And here I guess, application of BIG DATA ANALYTICS can help in a bigger way.

It is important to have the accurate stability / instability measuring parameters all through the life of dump / mine and to get those analytics need to be done on huge volume of data coming out from those dumps.

So I think, big data can help here.