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Last week has been intense. Never before, did we have one event with such an impressive collection of customer case studies.

In the closing panel, with Aurelian Popa from Arcelor Mittal, Helio Mosquim from Vale, John Shellenberger from Johns Manville, and Patrick Thompson from Albemarle, we asked these questions:

What did you think was the most shocking or interesting point you heard about over the last 3 days. Was there an approach you thought was something you had not considered before?

We heard the answers from the chairmen of our industry advisory councils.

“Severstal’s automatic product certification system Sherlok. SAP’s products used to be only for the backoffice. They are now moving closer and closer to the shopfloor. We are trying to break the legacy layers, so this is very interesting.”

“One common theme was very refreshing. We didn’t let Covid make us a victim in 2021. A lot of great companies delivered on technology, that moved forward, even while working from home. Many felt they were more productive and got more done.”

“It was refreshing to see the speed of change in heavy asset-based industries. Fundamentals are still important. You still have to link to business strategy, deliver on results. Speeds seems to not have slowed down. Some companies seemed to have positioned themselves much better for the future.”

“What inspired me most were those were tackling our global challenges. I want to connect and relate 2 sessions about new challenges, new business models: The Fraunhofer institute in the building industry, combined new technologies, multiple natural sciences, and sensor technology for urban mining. And the case of Gerdau, using mining waste as input material. They were collaborating with the federal government, universities to do joint research, and used the potential along with the value chain.”

Finally, here are my thoughts, 5 quotes that stuck with me, that deeply inspired me most.

How about you?

(If you want to check the other stories, check out the agenda of the conference.
The huge advantage of a virtual event is that I have a time machine at hand: all sessions are recorded, all slide materials, and chat questions and answers are accessible for 3 more months.)