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Less than four weeks to go until the International Conferences for Metals & Mining, Forest Products, Paper & Packaging, Building Materials, and Chemicals. Here's the conference brochure with the latest agenda.

What makes this conference stand out compared to larger or more glossy events:

  • Access to people "who have done it before - in your industry".
    Hear the first adopters tell their experiences, first hand, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
    Talk to them and de-risk your our roadmap.
    Be it a full scale transformation from SAP Business Suite to an S/4-centric landscape with 24 modules. Be it a new factory with end-to-end SAP powering IoT and sustainability.

  • Industry-specific pre-conference workshops. Don't read the book or embark on a project with out-of-date information. Rather spend a half day with the SAP's product management & consulting experts on our latest concept for integrated supply chain planning for configurable make-to-order products. Features IBP, ePP/DS and PPO, real product demos and answers you won't get anywhere else. Talk to people who understand your industry.

  • Industry community. I am working now for more than 25 years in various mill products & mining industries. This conference is where the SAP ecosystem for mill & mining comes together. We learn from each other. We meet old and new friends. We celebrate partnership.
    Specifically, we will have mill products & mining specific industry cloud solutions from SAP partners in the room. You have the unique chance to also meet the SAP partners that have specialized on this, our industry - the secret sauce that makes a project succeed.

I started this post with the pictures of 4 speakers and industry thought leaders - my ultimate, highly subjective short list. Many more will speak and make this event special & worthwhile to you.

I do hope to meet you in Madrid end of this month.