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Pakistan International Textile Limited (ITL) has announced a partnership with
SAP to bring technology-driven success across its international textile
manufacturing. One of Pakistan's key industrial sectors, textile manufacturing,
has enabled ITL to become one of the country's leading international exporters
of fabrics. Supporting Pakistan in its goal of reaching the Ministry of Textile
Industry's goal of 25 billion dollars in textile exports by 2014, ITL has
deployed SAP's business software solutions across finance, controlling,
materials management, and sales and distribution. SAP's solutions for mill
products are expected to bring higher standards of performance at ITL,
enhancing the company's leadership position and driving its international
market expansion, which already includes customers in the U.S., Europe and
Australia. Adnan Khan, Director of ITL, said: "SAP solutions have also
helped us progress in our vertical integration operating strategy and support
Pakistan's growing textile-based economy." Gergi Abboud, Managing
Director, SAP Gulf & Pakistan, said, "Textiles are one of the most
important industrial sectors in Pakistan and we are committed to supporting the
country's industrial economic growth and ITL international expansion." SAP
has recently announced several partnerships in Pakistan and continues to work
towards making futuristic technology a reality for businesses in the region.
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(Pakistan) | 10.11.2014


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