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#1 ASUG 4903:  Woodgrain Millwork Builds their Success with SAP Transportation Management 9.0

Speakers: Connie Moylan (Woodgrain Millwork) & Joyce Swanke (SAP)

Woodgrain Millwork is a building materials/mill products company that is participating in Transportation Management 9.0 Ramp-Up Program. They are working with SAP to improve customer service and reduce costs by optimizing the company's transportation processes for their distribution facilities through North America. Woodgrain is using an interactive design approach that uses best practices as a starting point. The process involves showing business users a process best practice, defining a story on any perceived gaps, configuring a demo, and incorporating feedback for each story. Review and refinement continue through to training, test cases, and implementation.

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2:00pm – 2:50pm

Room: Lake Sheen, Hilton Hotel

This is going to be interesting to hear a customer from the Mill Product industry talking about their experiences in implementing SAP TM9.0. I was involved in a PoC project with another Steelmaker last year, but getting to hear about another customer from another industry talking about their experience in
implementing TM is definitely something that I am really looking to!

#2        Session: 4686: Harness the Power of Energy, Your Most Important Invisible Asset

Speaker: Raj Valame (SAP)

This discussion showcases how Process Manufacturers are working with SAP to support their focus on continuous improvement around energy both from an
efficiency and energy costs perspective enabling them to utilize their data to better understand and make decisions about energy use.

Date: Thursday, May 16, 4:00pm – 4:45pm

Venue: Process Forum; Microforum; Forum C Microforum 3

Before joining SAP, I was working with the Environment, Safety and Health Department of a Steelmaking company. As most of you might have guessed,
a big part of the cost in steelmaking is energy – as much as 20%-40% of the total cost, in fact. It will really be interesting for me to attending a session to see what SAP has come up with to help companies to deal with the issue on energy conservation – it will have a huge impact since that will have a direct and big impact on the bottom line of many steelmaking companies.

#3        Session 4695: Deliver the Perfect Order

Speaker: Wai Meng Leong (SAP)

See how mill companies achieve superior customer satisfaction by delivering the “perfect order,” reducing transportation costs, and improving
logistics readiness, flexibility, and efficiency. Learn how SAP Transportation Management helps you manage inbound and outbound freight and provide
traceability and visibility of orders, shipment, and items.

Date: Thursday, May 16, 3:00pm – 3:20pm

Venue: Process Forum; Forum C Demo Theater

Why this session? That’s easy! That’s because that’s my session and you should definitely come and support me! :smile: On a serious note, it is really great to be able to showcase a TM Demo using a very simple and direct scenario (Outbound Domestic) that will touch on most of the core functionality of TM for the Mill Product Industry. Also, I have to say that TM9.0 is a lot of user friendly right now. Come and join the session! I will prove that point to you!