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Time really flies. A week has almost flown by since SAPPHIRE 2013 began a week ago. Here are some of my after thoughts about the events (these are just my thoughts and they don't represent the view of SAP) ......

1.     Had a great Q&A session while supporting Connie and Joyce for their TM Presentation at the ASUG Meeting on Day 2. I didn't know that there were so many companies who were really interested to know more about TM (even though some of them are not from the Mill Products and Mining Industry)

2.     After making so many presentations in my life, I'm still a little nervous when it comes to making presentations. This was really evident during the microforum when I was asked to give an overview of TM. Somehow, I just rattled away without pausing when I'm nervous and all those stuff that I really wanted to talk about either became a little incoherent at the beginning. But after a few minutes and feeling more composed, things just flowed. And watching other more experienced speakers talk about their solutions was also "enlightening"

3.     I needed more practices in giving Demo. Somehow, I managed to get the devil (i.e. the Demo) the work even though I had been pre-warned by my colleagues that the wi-fi reception isn't good and that connectivity to the Cloud Demo system might be an issue. Somehow that wasn't an issue ..... the issue I faced was having the fill up the deadtime when the Demo system is trying to calculate or processing certain data. I saw Mary Kilgo's Demo on "Driving Operational Excellence through  Environmental and Sustainability Performance" and it flows so well that she has inspired me to think about ways to make my Demo flow with minimal "dead time" - as if I was explaining the Demo to a friend!

And on a lighter note:

4.      Somehow I think the lunch at the ASUG Meeting tastes better than that at SAPPHIRE

5.     Great to get so many freebies in SAPPHIRE (not to mention the free beers and the popcorn. Hitachi Consulting was even giving out free spring rolls, fried dumplings and some really cute Japanese looking dolls)

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