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Latest technology, like the internet of things IoT), big data analytics & machine learning, and the convergence of operations technology (OT) with business IT provides new possibilities for efficiency gains and safer operations.

In many cases, it starts with connecting the physical objects in the mine and in the mill with business processes, linking sensor readings or geolocation, to business process context - like profitability or quality. Finally, it's all about better insights and smarter decisions.

The following blogs take the mill products & mining point-of-view. We look at manufacturing and mill-industry specific scenarios, and take a close look at examples of the digital mine.

Quantifying the business opportunity for IoT in mining and metals - infographic and whitepaper

The "digital twin" -  does every thing have a digital twin?


IoT in Mining

Part 1: IoT – a promising concept for mining industry

Part 2: High impact IoT scenarios and examples for Mining

Part 3: Advanced analytics in IoT, perceived challenges, and the top 8 benefits from IoT in Mining

Mining Journal's big data guide 2015 with use cases from companies such as Rio Tinto, MMG, Essar, Th...

Mining specific technological challenges for IoT, and IoT scenarios for mine safety and performance

How recent advances in digital technology (like predicitive modelling and simulations) allow mining ...

Making zero harm possible in mines with wearable IoT – a collaboration between Vandrico Solutions, I...

IoT in Mill Products

Cement review article on real-world IOT examples - from basic connectivity to advanced predictive sc...

Predictive quality, and why it is the future of quality management - with 2 examples from paper and steel

What you need to know about data science for your IOT project – what’s feasible, and what not (for ...

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