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There's a lot written about transformation and unprecedented times. Some of the changes we experienced in the last year were common across all industries. Some advances were unique and a true breakthrough.  Much more was achieved through the realization what was possible when there was no alternative than to innovate.

Taking a step back, we have the chance to recognize patterns. Learning from our peers, seeing what  worked, who has excelled and why - and even more looking beyond to our customers and suppliers and our value chain & ecosystem. What could we achieve if we did not just optimize within our own four walls, but decarbonize & circularize a value chain, team up from more efficiency?

4 industries with many touch points

On April 27th - 29th, we will meet virtually for the International SAP Conferences for 4 industries that are tightly intertwined:

  • Forest products, metals, building materials and chemicals all supply into the built environment, and need to rethink digitalization, modularity, carbon footprint, supply chain planning, and transforming sales channels

  • Sustainability innovation for packaging, plastics, and chemicals industries' is closely linked through more circular processes, better visibility, and proven authenticity of materials.

  • Applying industry 4.0 concepts to make mines, mills and plants safer, and product quality more predictable, and reduce waste, is a common challenge across all 4 industries where we can learn from each other.

What's unique this year?

  • We run these 4 conferences virtually and in parallel. Buy one ticket, and attend all.

  • We run this life, but you can revisit and re-listen later. The agenda is more compelling (and packed) than in any previous physical event. Come back and explore at your own pace. The platform with all recordings, content, interaction will be available for delegates for 3 more months.

  • Explore our group packages, and bring your colleagues who may not have had the chance to travel for an in-person event to Europe.

Meet me at the intersection

We have invited thought leaders and practitioners within and outside of our industries. I would like to extend this invitation to you. Come and join us for 3 days to validate your vision, challenge your assumptions, and meet new partners to innovate together.

Meet me and Thorsten Wenzel for executive conversations. We will be at the intersection of our industries, where innovation & inspiration happens.