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I recently had the pleaseure of attending the Configuration Workgroup(CWG) annual North America conference.  I thought I would share my notes and thoughts on the conference.

CWG North America Conference October 2012, Marco Island, FL

Notes from Paul Barney attendee and presenter

My first CWG conference.  I presented as well as attended the sessions.  Very good conference overall.  Great attendance from customers, partners and SAP.


Presentation files are available on CWG document share at


Overall very nice mix of hands on, technical level, as well as overview presentations.  Plenty of options for deep technical people as well as newer people.


Personal highlights:

The keynote presentation on VC history from Albert Haag(SAP AG) one of founding fathers of VC, was very enjoyable.


I had a chance to connect with SAP VC influencers like Marin Uklavic, Steve Lenz, Harald Reitz(Vogel) from SAP, and Sascha Rauhe(Aicomp), Barry Walton, and Scott Perdue.


I attended an interestng session on Configit mobile solution.  Very powerful!

I was able to spend a large amount of time learning about Aicomps new mobile solution. 


I had many nice discussions with serveral of my Mill Products customers

Audience seemed very impressed with WCEM 3.0 new commerce platform.

Interesting IPC offline prototype for Android.



Lots of discussion on the CD solution Solutions Sales Configurator(SSC).

Good performance tuning tips were provided.

IPC UI, delta list, and performance tuning discussions.


Overall, excellent conference.  I will be attending again.  If you are not a member of CWG, I highly encourage looking into it.


Paul Barney  

Solution Management  I  IBU Mill Products & Mining  I  Industry Solutions