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SAP software has been table stakes for decades in the process industries, however, applications have mainly been centered on financial planning, risk management, capital management and back office. SAP’s recent acquisition of Fedem Technology will shake up the engineering simulation a bit for the Energy, Oil & Gas and Renewables industrial markets. This recent move by SAP provides further evidence of SAP’s plan to deepen their portfolio of applications to engineering and operations for industrial process users.


Fedem solutions help engineers provide better mechanical designs using virtual modeling of products ranging from microelectronics to suspensions and aircraft systems using both linear and non-linear static and dynamic structural analysis. In the case of supporting engineering design of the wind turbine markets, the solutions are capable of optimizing blade design and airfoil modeling. For the Oil and Gas industry, this new portfolio of solutions will help  SAP’s customers evaluate wellhead and riser system integrity through the use of dynamic simulations and condition monitoring.


It is too early to determine exactly how SAP will integrate Fedem technology applications into SAP HANA or other releases. ARC will be watching this closely and in this age of IoT platforms, and IT-OT convergence we will expect owner-operators to benefit from SAP’s commitment to the Energy industry by simplifying ease of use and targeting industrial applications.


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